Debbie Ding: Postdated Paris

Last night I attended the opening of an exhibition featuring three of my fellow residents. Each of their pieces represented Paris in some form and all sat very nicely together within the small exhibition space.

Debbie Ding describes herself as a Singaporean artist, designer, programmer and cartographer and a lot of her work involves collecting of rocks, looking at maps and exploring how places have been constructed. She has been working on a project that particularly interests me because I spend a lot of time looking for the same thing – dates that have been imprinted into the footpaths of Paris. Each time a new piece of pavement is laid, they imprint the date on which it was laid. As you walk through Paris, you encounter thousands of dates as different parts of the footpath are pulled up and relaid. I am always trying to find my birth date.

Debbie photographed her feet next to hundreds of dates and then asked people to write stories about what they were doing on that day. She asked me to write something for a date in the year 2000 – I was in year 10 at Hollywood High School, I hated maths and I wasn’t particularly studious. She has then put together a book, placing the stories with the photographs and creating an amazing history of people’s lives.

Debbie Ding book

My words in Debbie’s book

Spookily, although probably not intentionally, I think Debbie may have accidentally put my story with the wrong date. When I wrote my story it was for sometime in October in the year 2000, but at the exhibition  I noticed the photographed date that correlated with my story was 1/9/2000. My birthday.

The exhibition is on until 1 December at the Immanence Gallery in the 15eme. I had never been to this area before and was delighted to discover a small alleyway with galleries and ateliers covered in ivy and fairy lights. It was gorgeous!!

Immanence gallery

I think fairies live here.

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