Ich Bin Published

The old “It’s not what you know but who you know” saying has struck true once again with a fellow resident being kind enough to publish some of my writing. Georg Holländer, a german writer who has been in and out of the Récollets over many years, took me under his wing and asked to publish some of my work in his literary journal, Hochroth. On the first night that I met Georg, he showed me his publication and I thought it was quite beautiful – a simple, clean design with a nice typeface. This was the sort of thing that I wanted to be published in. And then he offered me a space in his latest edition!


My words in print

What is particularly wonderful is that my piece, an personal essay about finding the aspect of ‘community’ in a city as big as Paris, is the only English text in a German-language publication. A copy arrived in my mail box when I returned home from England – yet another incentive for me to get on with some work and start sending out my writing.

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  1. Harald says:

    Das ist gut !

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