La Neige

Friday morning saw scatterings of white stuff on car windows, roof tops and lawned areas. It had apparently snowed earlier that morning, although it was a typical Parisian attempt – just enough effort to say it was done, but nothing more. I went for a run through the centre of Paris and learnt a lot about what road surfaces are more slippery than others and that my concept of large bodies of water maintaining a higher heat level and therefore bridges being not slippery is COMPLETELY WRONG. In fact, it is the complete opposite! All of the bridges across the Seine were covered in a solid block of ice and I had to use my exceptional ice-skating skills to get to the other side. Luckily, my ice-skating skills = sticking as close to the edge as possible so that I can grab hold of something before I fall over, which is exactly what needed to be done in the bridge crossing attempts.

My other interesting discovery was when I reached the Tuileries and thought, “Oh, it’s that sandy limestone stuff. It will be soggy but not slippery.” Again, WRONG! The ground was covered in puddles of water that had frozen and so the garden was a giant ice rink. I had to get across one large section of icy sand near the Louvre and I must have looked like a duck-footed camel, loping across while avoiding puddles.

Having spent the last two years asking the weather Gods to send me snow in Paris, they finally did and I was extremely disappointed. So I am asking again. Only this time do it properly please.

Snow in Paris

It had melted a bit when I took this photo but still. That doesn’t count as snow.

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