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On Friday afternoon I needed to escape the confines of my apartment walls and so I took the opportunity to go to an exhibition that I have been reading about on various blogs. Called The Museum of Everything, it is a pop up gallery that has toured various European cities and shows works by untrained and undiscovered artists who have never been exhibited in any formal way previously.

Museum of Everything

That way to the Museum of Everything

Located in a rather disheveled building in the middle of the fancy-pants 7th arrondissement, the exhibition was a mish-mash of random drawings, paintings, sculpture and ‘other’. As I walked through the three levels of exhibition spaces I felt a sense of “What on earth is this?” which I liked a lot. I went to the exhibition knowing it was going to be odd – and odd it was. Although it wasn’t as odd as I had hoped it to be. The name “Museum of Everything” had implanted different, more exuberantly random ideas of what the exhibition would be about in my head and it didn’t quite live up to my expectations. I think I was expecting more hands-on interaction, more random passageways, more every day items stuck on walls. But some of the work could have been on an average art gallery wall, while other pieces should have remained undiscovered.

My favourite part of the exhibition was a stage covered with large puppets and a film about a man called Calvin Black from Possum Trot in the Mojave Desert who made these puppets based on the people he knew. Clearly there wasn’t much else to do in Possum Trot than make life-sized puppets. But the passion and detail he put into them was incredible. He then made songs and a show in which the puppets performed, attaching electronic motors to each puppet to make them move. It was a bit like Home Alone carny style. Incredible. You can watch a film about Calvin and his puppets here.

I walked out of the Museum feeling quite overwhelmed and not entirely sure of what I had just experienced but interested to see that you really can make a museum about anything. There’s hope for me yet.

Museum of Everything chair

I really liked this chair that was outside the Museum of Everything

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