Administrative Fun

Moving to a new city/country/apartment/life is a definitely challenge for one’s ability to comprehend and juggle various administrative tasks. Firstly you have to close, cancel or put on hold anything that you had in your original location, and then reopen new accounts in your new place of residence. The last few weeks for me have involved many moments of “What on earth is that?” and “I need a what before I can have this?” and “I don’t have one of those yet. It’s coming in the mail.”

Bank accounts, SIM cards, broadband, insurance numbers (which I didn’t know I needed until an Australian told me about them), council tax, council tax benefits, rental agreements etc. It is an endless list that is also quite cyclical, as in order to apply for one thing, you need the other. It would be very helpful if when you cross the border into England, the Customs officer handed you a piece of paper with a check list with all of the things you need to do after entering the country. Then some sort of time line showing you when to do what and in what order. I’d be willing to create this except I still don’t think I quite understand everything yet. I am waiting for the next administrative discovery.

My lack of internet and technology (I don’t have a printer) has meant that I have wandered the city in search of various offices in order to speak to people or pick up forms. It has meant that I have managed to see buildings that I wouldn’t normally have ventured into! Plus there’s the amazing wonder of actually speaking to friendly staff members. I am yet to find a grumpy Mancunian.

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