I Do Like Manchester. Really.

I have had it brought to my slightly one-sided attention that my previous entry was very anti-Manchester, which I honestly didn’t mean for it to be. But I have had a “I’m so lonely” day today so my view on the world is somewhat negative. My sincere apologies to Manchester – I really do like you! I am going to make up for my previous rant with a TOP FIVE GREAT THINGS ABOUT MANCHESTER entry! Ready? Go!

  1. People are FRIENDLY here. It is remarkable – people smile, are polite, laugh, provide you with additional information when you don’t even ask etc. I am yet to feel like I am wasting someone’s time/generally annoying someone by asking them to do a job they are being paid for. Pure brilliance.
  2. I could finally quench my intense craving for fish and chips. A few months ago I smelt fish and chips in Paris which is impossible because they don’t have it. But since that moment I have wanted, desperately, to have deep fried fish with delicious fat chips. AND I NOW HAVE! Sadly it was served with mushy peas which are seriously, seriously disgusting and I love everything green.
  3. The buildings. There’s something about an ex-warehouse/factory building that has been turned into apartments or a pub that really excites me. The big brick facades, chimneys and large open interiors are fantastic. And I’m living in the heart of the industrial revolution! Plenty of mills and factories here.
  4. Pub food. Hooray for pies, roast lamb and sticky toffee pudding! People say that British food is bad, but they clearly have never had a good roast.
  5. Access to the great outdoors. In the past two weeks I have managed to spend a fair amount of time walking through the countryside. It is so close and accessible (when trains are running) and breathtakingly beautiful. The English countryside offers, in my opinion, some of the most beautiful scenes in the world.

And that, my friends, is why I am very pleased to be living here.

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  1. You forgot one: random drinking and doodling where you can meet other awesome Aussies 😉

  2. Jess says:

    Hahaha true!! Strangely it slipped my mind…

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