Good Old George

Today is apparently St George’s Day in England. As I don’t really know what that means, I have conducted a quick search where I have discovered:

  1. St George is Patron Saint of England
  2. For awhile St George’s day was a day of feasting and national holiday until England joined with Scotland and that stopped
  3. You’re supposed to fly the St George’s flag and wear a red rose.
  4. Since Shakespeare died on this day, it is now National Book Day.

Ok that is the strangest explanation for a ‘day’ that I have ever read on one webpage but that’s what I found onĀ

Manchester celebrated early with a weekend of ‘activities’. This was mostly the installation of a large drinking tent and three carnival rides outside the Town Hall. Sunday morning there was also the St George’s Day parade, which I decided I should attend so that I could learn more about the important national event.

It was the worst parade that I have ever seen. Ever. I waited for over an hour in the cold (the sun from the day before had disappeared) to eventually witness some belly dancers, a few trucks filled with children wearing red and white and waving flags, and two stretched hummers that are clearly normally used for hen’s nights and with slightly inappropriate words written on the side, go past down the street. It lasted approximately six minutes and I didn’t see one dragon.

The most relevant float in the entire parade.

The most relevant float in the entire parade.

I left feeling a little bit confused about what St George’s Day is actually about and it would appear that most British people are too. Poor George and his dragon. Hopefully one day I will find out the true meaning of his celebration and I will hold my own parade in his honour.

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