Emotionally Fragile

It appears I am becoming weaker and more emotionally responsive in my old age as I have now been brought to tears by two advertisements. Ads are making me blabber like a girl (ok, yes I am a girl but not a girly-girl), which is scary for me and good news for the marketing departments producing these things.

My first tear-jerking advertisement experience happened when I went to see a film at the Cornerhouse. Before the movie, one of the far-too-many ads was for the Volkswagen Polo where it follows the life of a girl from birth until she leaves home and watches her relationship with her father. The first time I saw it and started tearing up I was already feeling a little homesick and emotional so could accept my over reaction as the girl drove away from her house in her news Volkswagen and her father waved goodbye. But then a week later I went and saw another film, the same ad came on and more tears formed in my eyes. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! Even watching it now on YouTube makes me sad.

My Dad sent me a link to this second advertisement and as I sat and ate my lunch today and watched it, tears formed in my eyes once more. This ad for Dove is very well done and most likely speaks to many women (and some men too.) So instead of hiding the fact that advertisements are working on me and that I now want to buy a Polo and wear Dove moisturiser, I thought I’d share them with you all.

Real Beauty Sketches from John X. Carey on Vimeo.


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2 Responses to “Emotionally Fragile”

  1. Ya cous says:

    You’re not the only one to cry watching the Dove ad in the past week Jess… amazing isn’t it!

  2. Jess says:

    Thanks, Ma Cous. So good to know that I’m not going insane. Unless it is genetic…

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