World Book Night

Yesterday was World Book Night – an event coinciding with the anniversary of Shakespeare’s death where throughout the US, UK and Ireland people hand out free books to be read and shared. I was sitting at the café at the Cornerhouse yesterday afternoon, attempting to write, when two girls came up and asked if I would like a book. But of course! The book was Jackie Kay’s Red Dust Road and I was instructed that I should read it and pass it on to someone else. There is a tracking code within the book so I can watch its movements.

Hooray for World Book Night!

Hooray for World Book Night!

It was a delightful surprise as I had heard murmurs of this event via various social media throughout the day but wasn’t really sure what it was. Being suddenly part of it was fantastic and I look forward to reading my book. I just have to get through Anna Karenina first.

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