Three Months in Manchester

Today is the three-month-versary of my new adventure in Manchester. I realised this last night and almost fell over when I realised that I have been here for a quarter of a year. That sounds like a very long time but once again I am feeling that mixed sensation where the time has both flown past and I feel like I have been here forever. I am not, however experiencing the infamous Three-Month-Depression which is a relief. Perhaps it is because I haven’t moved here from my home town and so I don’t have that intense desire to return to Perth. Instead, this morning on Skype I declared to my best friend that I am HAPPY. And I meant it.

I haven’t written on my blog for a significantly long time and I apologise to anyone who has been habitually checking to see what cake I have eaten recently (although that you can see on my Instagram account here.) I can assure you that I have been eating cake (some good, some not so good) and generally enjoying myself in this reliably rainy city. What have I been doing… Allow me to summarise:

  • I have settled into my new office space and have started having light conversation with some of the other people working there. It has been great to be able to leave my apartment and my ridiculously uncomfortable dining chairs to be able to sit on almost-as-uncomfortable wooden school chairs in a communal office space. Nice to have other people around and to hear the gentle hum of work.
  • I got a job! I will soon be Manchester’s best waitress, working at a brand new restaurant that is opening in the fancy-pants shiny office zone of Spinningfields. The restaurant is called “Artisan” and it is going to have local artists’ work on the walls. Plus it is owned by the same company who run Australasia – my favourite restaurant in Manchester and home to two of the best desserts I have ever consumed in my life. So I have high hopes for the desserts on offer in this restaurant that I will hopefully be able to sample regularly.
  • I have been networking like a professional. It started off as a way to make friends and has evolved into potential work opportunities – I have been to numerous meet ups with people working in creative industries, or just random people who decided to come and drink beer and draw on paper table cloths. It has been a lot of fun and my confidence in meeting new people has grown enormously.
  • I spent a fantastic Sunday afternoon walking around Manchester with a new photographer/web designer friend, interviewing random Mancunians to use for a book proposal. Nathan and I were applying for job to create a book about veteran cricket players in Yorkshire. Sadly, we didn’t get the job, but we did get a taste for the crazy characters of this city and are now planning our own book. Stay tuned.
  • The sun has come out twice. This weekend was a bank holiday and the sun blessed us with its presence on Saturday and Sunday. I discovered that having my skin covered up for seven months has resulted in it being the whitest it has ever been, and also the most sensitive to the sun. Exposure to a few rays and turned red. I have learnt a valuable lesson. Today it is raining again so it is back to long sleeves.

I have been busy busy busy which has been fantastic. I am making friends, meeting new people, exploring Manchester, visiting exhibitions, writing, eating, doing. Life is good and Manchester is treating me well. Although I would greatly appreciate less pathetic drizzle. It gets in the way, is quite depressing and my umbrella has officially carked it. I really need to invest in water proof clothing.

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