I’m a Working Girl

I deserve a slap on the back of the hand for my blogging efforts recently. My excuses involve getting a job, having a social life and trying to do things other than sit in front of my computer. But I feel I am letting everyone down and I don’t like doing that so here I am, providing you with exciting updates on my life à Manchester.

The biggest thing in my world at the moment is my JOB. Yes, I, Jessica Davies, have a JOB. I haven’t had one of those since 2009. It is a server role at a new restaurant called Artisan that is opening on 24 June. The entire staff is being trained for two weeks prior in order to get us to a good enough level to be able to make the restaurant ultra cool. This has involved study sessions and me needing to memorise things which I haven’t done since 2002 so my brain has exploded through my ears and is currently scattered across my apartment floor. It has been great though – lots of friendly people, plenty of laughs and the prospect of delicious food is getting closer and closer.

The past two days have involved food and glass tray carrying exercises and my left shoulder is in agony. The plates are very heavy (there are some cast iron plates/dishes that come straight out of the oven and on to the table) so carrying a tray with five plates is a bit like carrying a small child with one hand for long periods of time. And glasses… oh, the glasses. I am going to drop them all on a lady wearing a fancy dress, I can just tell. But apparently that is all part of the ‘fun’ of the job.

I am looking forward to the restaurant being completely functioning. There are still builders working there and it is a bit of a mess but soon it will all come together and I’ll have to start serving people. SCARY. But anyone in Manchester should come and have a bite to eat after it opens! Ask for the Australian waitress – and then leave a big tip.

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