Red. Meat.

Since living on my own, my home cooking diet consists mainly of various combinations of vegetables, some sort of grain and cheese. Lots of cheese. When I eat out I will then choose the meat-focused dish to fill up on my quota of fish/chicken/cow for the week. I had been craving a decent steak and so when my brother said he was coming to visit for dinner on the weekend I booked us a table at Grill on New York Street. Yet another member of the Living Ventures emporium (my ex-employers), the Grill is known for delicious pieces of meat cooked well.

They certainly delivered on this – we both had fillet steaks which were still deliciously rare on the inside but nicely seared on the outer. The peppercorn sauce was creamy and had a good kick, and our sides of hand cut chips, carrot and suede mash, and roasted sprouts were all well done.

Mmm… cow.

Mmm… cow.

As an ex-employee of Living Ventures, it is hard to go into one of their restaurants and not mark the service by the criteria that I was taught as a waiter at Artisan. Times for welcoming guests and bringing drinks to the table are well engrained in my brain and unfortunately the service was a bit lacking on this occasion. There was also a general air of disinterest in our presence – none of the staff members really seemed to care that we were eating in their restaurant.

The other down side were the desserts – Ben had a trifle that was 80 per cent cream and covered in multi-coloured sprinkles, and my apple pie had a soggy pastry bottom (Paul Hollywood would not be impressed.) It tasted ok but it wasn’t remarkable. I was pleased I went against my habit of choosing the chocolate dessert but I had doubts about how enjoyable it would be. The table next to me ordered it and were delivered a giant slab of cake that resembled the Cheese Cake Shop mud cake. A wise decision on my part.

Apple pie with Lancashire cheese crust. Couldn't taste the cheese...

Apple pie with Lancashire cheese crust. Couldn’t taste the cheese…

It was a decent meal and the steak was seriously good. But considering the prices and hoity-toity reputation of the restaurant I expected better.

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