Women Go Wild for Nick Cave

I have been slow to write about finally seeing Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds live in concert. I had wanted to see them when they toured through Paris but tickets had sold out instantly. My friend, Andrew, managed to find tickets to Nick’s concert at the Apollo in Manchester and I was jumping up and down with excitement when Andrew asked if I would go with him. Hell yes.

The walk to the Apollo was slightly longer than I anticipated, potentially due to the persistent rain, strong winds and large puddles we had to avoid. Everyone in the venue was saturated and there was a general musty smell wafting through the room. I received a strong whiff of damp every time the guy in front of me swished his dreadlocks. Lovely.

Nick, on the other hand, was on fire, dripping sweat and exchanging all sorts of bodily fluids with the screaming women in the front rows. In his open shirt, gold chain and tight jeans, you wouldn’t think that Nick was 56. He bounced all over the stage, clutching the hands of his adoring fans and singing powerful rock tunes that verged on heavy metal. It was loud but beautifully loud, with fantastic lighting and some amazing sounds coming from the Bad Seeds band. Warren Ellis was brilliant on flute and particularly violin, strings from his bow flying off as he thrashed at the instrument. It was hard, sexy and dark – one of the best live performances I have seen.

Up close with Nick Cave

Up close with Nick Cave

Nick certainly has fans and his gyrating and physical interaction with the crowd had many hearts beating. A woman standing next to me cried when he first came on stage and then again periodically throughout the show as he sang her favourite tunes. The final song for the evening was a relatively chirpy version of Deanna, which, after a show dominated by the darker and more depressing songs of their collection, was quite a nice note to end on.

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