Last month my service desk team was named TEAM OF THE MONTH for our outstanding time to answer, availability and general awesomeness. As a prize, we were given £10 each for a team dinner so we could bond and stuff. On Friday night most of us headed our for a few drinks at Brew Dog before going to Almost Famous, Manchester’s most beloved burger joint. The plan was to overload our arteries with meat, cheese, chips and burger sauce.

Just after I moved to Manchester, the original Almost Famous burned down in the Northern Quarter and a new branch has opened up at the other end of town. This place is big – an expansive open space with a bar area plus tables and couches for people to sit, eat, drink and be merry. We grabbed a table and after deciphering the slightly confusing menu we ordered at the bar and awaited our food fates. Even I, the semi-vegetarian, was excited about eating some beef. It had been a while since I had had a burger and I had heard good things about Almost Famous. That said, Britain’s love for meat was reinforced as every burger came with at least two patties and most had additional forms of meat – bacon and pulled pork were popular favourites. There were no vegetarian options at all and even some of the chips came with meat additions.

Mmm… burger...

Mmm… burger…

I went for the Famous Burger – as traditional as you can get with two beef patties, cheese, salad, tomato, gherkin and sauce in a bun. The patties were thin so were the equivalent of one patty that you would get in an Australian gourmet burger. It was good – nice flavours and I didn’t feel like I had consumed a bottle of oil by the end of it. However I really want Jus Burger to set up an outlet here and show the Brits what a real gourmet burger is. All burgers in this country are served with slightly sweetened brioche buns – I much prefer Jus’s home made sour dough bread. Plus the toppings aren’t really very creative, it simply seems like they try and shove as many kinds of meat as physically possible in between two slices of bread. Definitely no interesting cheeses, avocado or unusual flavours. Just MEAT and MEAT with MEAT.

It did fill my burger craving and I don’t need to have another one for a while. The chips were good – a mix of normal potato and sweet potato, I went through and ate all of the sweet potato before handing the rest of over to my male companions who inhaled the left overs.

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2 Responses to “MEAT.”

  1. Oliver says:

    Amazing night out, excellent burgers! =D

  2. Jess says:

    You were like a burger vacuum, Oli.

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