Hello, 2014.

It dawned on me last night that I have slept in four different beds over the past week. I have donned my backpack for three adventures, the feeling of being a traveller living out of a bag and adjusting to a new pillow has been enlivening. Last weekend I was in London, visiting friends and catching up with cousins. I then spent New Year’s Eve in Sheffield with my brother and his girlfriend where I had a great night’s sleep on a bed fashioned from couch cushions and doonas. Last night I stayed at my cousin Lesley’s house and in between all of these trips I had one or two nights back in my own bed in Manchester.

My weekend in London made me want to move back to a big city.

My weekend in London made me want to move back to a big city.

I am currently missing the feeling of travel and adventure. Every few months I get the urge to run away and explore the world, avoid reality and just enjoy discovering new places, people and food. I want to sell everything I own, buy a car and just drive around the UK, stopping in small towns, walking up mountains and reaching the most remote areas of the island. There has to be a way that I can do this without running out of money or going insane, I just haven’t quite worked out how. But as 2014 gets underway and I begin to realise that this time next year I will most likely be moving back to Australia, I am remembering all of the places in Europe in that I am yet to see. I know they will still be here and I can always come back, but they are so physically close to me at the moment and not using this opportunity would be such a shame.

This year I want to go to Budapest and I am vowing to see the Northern Lights. Where I will do this, I’m not quite sure but I’m sure a quick Google search of “How to see the Northern Lights” will provide some solutions. I also need to go back to Paris and I have never been to Ireland. Then I will also need to go somewhere warm such as Spain or Greece and I really haven’t seen much of the south of France. Plus I have barely even scraped the surface of discovering places within England itself.

Right. Better go and pack my bags.

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