Italiano Feast

I have grown to love and adore Twitter. On multiple occasions it has brought me glorious food-based moments that have added joy and deliciousness to my life. A few weeks ago, I noticed a tweet advertising the Moretti Gran Tour – an italian food festival touring the UK. It was coming to Manchester to the old Granada Studios and after some research I decided I needed to go. So on a sunny Friday evening, Sir Pubert Gladstone and my friends Ellie and Ryan joined me in an italian food extravaganza.

Entry to the Moretti Gran Tour was £10 which gave you a wrist band covered in very useful tokens. One beer, two food, one gelato and one coffee – the night was looking promising as we walked into a warehouse building filled with food stalls, wooden bench tables and Italian flags. It wasn’t overly busy which meant easy access to all of the stalls and after checking out our options we whipped out our tokens and got sampling.

Better than a slap-band.

Better than a slap-band.

I usually avoid token-based food and drink events as you are usually served tiny portions or yesterday’s left overs. Not the case with this italian extravaganza – the generous italian nature was in full swing with our beer tokens getting us pints of Birra Moretti. With drinks in hand we separated and hit the food stalls. Pubert and I got two vegetarian dishes and went halves – an amazingly rich beetroot gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce and pumpkin ravioli served in a butter sauce with amaretti biscuit sprinkled on top. Fantastic quality and seriously delicious.

There's pumpkin in there.

There’s pumpkin in there.

My second food token was exchanged for a deep fried pork and beef calzone – slightly spicy and tender meat, the pastry case was crisp and not excessively oily. It was awesome. Just awesome.

There was pink lighting in the room – the calzone wasn't rose coloured.

There was pink lighting in the room – the calzone wasn’t rose coloured.

Pubert had the arancini which were slightly disappointing as they sounded better than they tasted but they were still better than any arancini that have ever been served in Manchester before. Ryan and Ellie both chose the slow roasted pork rolls with Ryan choosing to use both of his tokens in order to get two servings. Clearly a winner.

Rotating pig.

Rotating pig.

Next came dessert with Gelupo gelato and sorbet. Their great range of flavours included sour cherry and yoghurt, chocolate, pistachio and blood orange and the best part was that you could get half and half. That always makes me happy. So chocolate and pistachio it was, and as the guy in the stall forgot to take my token, I was naughty enough to make Pubert go back for seconds. I will break the rules for food.

Half 'n' half gelato.

Half ‘n’ half gelato.

Ellie was the only one of us to use the coffee token but she let us try hers. So generous.

We all came away from the Moretti Gran Tour with full bellies and an overall feeling of satisfaction. It was one of the best £10 I have ever spent and certainly one of the best food events I have ever been to. Please come back, my Italian food friends. I miss you already.

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