Since moving apartments I have missed watching the daily activities of my neighbours across the road. I no longer look straight into other apartments so I can’t spy on people as easily. My balcony does allow for a bit of snooping if you lean over the edge and look across courtyards. Night time allows for easier viewing when lights turn highlighting what is going on inside. The other night, Sir Pubert Gladstone and I were chillin’ on my balcony when we spotted an unusual sight in an office on the ground floor of another apartment block. From a distance it appeared that someone had fallen asleep or potentially died while typing away at their desk. We were slightly concerned for this person’s health and thanks to the impressive digital zoom on my camera we were able to make a closer inspection. 

Hard worker.

Hard worker.

Turns out, they weren’t dead or asleep. It was a blow-up doll with impressive assets. She is still working away in the office and I suspect is a valued employee. I might get a blow-up co-worker for my work – every office needs one.

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