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I have failed to mention that I have been kicked out of The Classroom. I didn’t plagiarise my exams or call the Principal rude names – the agency running The Classroom clearly felt that it wasn’t making the big turnovers it was after and therefore my fellow freelancers and I were asked to leave. The worst part about this wasn’t the loss of the space but the potential of not working around my fellow Classroomers. There was a great bunch of people working there and it would be sad for us to all split up.

We had a month and a bit to find ourselves some new working quarters and so as one big team of hot-desk searchers, we tweeted, Facebooked, and physically visited various office spaces across Manchester. Some were fancy and even offered the potential of comfortable seats, but most were far out of our price range. Then we discovered MadLab, a communal office and workshop space in the Northern Quarter that was undergoing renovations. They have offered us an amazing deal and are looking after us as if we are their children. While the renovations continue, a group of us are working from an office space above Terrace, one of the Northern Quarter’s most hipsterish bars. We are being given this space for free which is just music to the ears of poor freelance writers. Big thumbs up and high fives to the folks at MadLab and Terrace for being so accommodating. Everyone drink beer at Terrace and do tech workshops with MadLab. DO IT.

The only downside to working above a bar is that the space is occasionally used for meetings, classes and other ‘stuff’, plus it doesn’t open until 11am. As a result, some of us have migrated to the Manchester Central Library reading room where silence and the sound of intelligence prevail. My co-workers and I somewhat ruin that vibe with occasional giggling and over zealous ‘shhh!’s but I am particularly enjoying my new leather and wood work surface.

library desk

Smart desks.

I like to imagine that hundreds of very intelligent people have sat at these library desks, studying, learning and becoming generally smarter and that some of that is rubbing off on to me. I can’t say I feel any more intelligent. The domed roof is beautiful, too, and the shape of the room means sounds bounce off walls so I can eavesdrop on what people are talking about on the other side of the room. Fun times.

Reading room

Giant dome.

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