Tea + Laptop = No.

I have always tried to maintain the rule of no liquids next to my computer. I once had a fit when my boyfriend at the time accidentally dropped birthday cake on my laptop when he tried to show my parents what we were eating via Skype. So I’m not entirely sure why I have become lax in this rule and have recently had cups of tea sitting precariously close to my laptop on my work desk.

Never again, my friends. Never again. I have well and truly learnt the lesson that “Liquids + Laptops = Tears and General Disaster.” Last Wednesday, having rushed around for half of the day feeling like I wasn’t getting enough done and that I had to get to the office and work, work, work, I finally made it to my desk, turned on my laptop, started to do some work and then absent-mindedly knocked my cup of tea across my desk.

It was one of those moments when time slows down and you stand and stare at the mess you have just created, not quite believing it. Then reality hits and all you can do is swear under your breath and rush around frantically looking for paper towels because maybe that will fix everything.

Luckily I had three fellow workmates who calmed me down, tipped my laptop upside down and provided me with sage advice and moral support. My laptop ended up being nestled upside down in a tray of kitty litter for 48 hours as I looked at it with mournful eyes and general dread. It is when your computer is sitting in kitty litter that you realise how much you rely on it. On Friday morning I waited for as long as possible before pressing the power button and felt an immense sense of relief when it successfully started up. Sadly, it did suffer from the tea spillage and it now believes that every key on the keyboard is the number ‘5’, except for if you press ‘4’ and you get ‘345’. I think that’s quite an impressive quality that no other laptop offers.

Laptop in kitty litter

Quick! Put it in kitty litter!

As a result of this accident, I now have a beautiful new machine that is functioning at some sort of light speed. I knew my old laptop was slow but I never quite realised it was a slug. My old machine served me well, giving me almost 5 years of use and travelling with me to Paris and Manchester. I shall miss its heavy body and the sound of the hard drive eventually switching into gear when I turned it on. I’m sorry I spilt tea on it. It was crummy black tea, too. I should have at least taken it out in style with a nice red wine.

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