The Tale of a Seriously Big Zucchini

Once upon a time, a lady called ‘My Mum’ grew some seriously big zucchinis. They were the length of my Dad’s arm and about the same width. They were the biggest zucchinis ever seen in this part of town.

A big zucchini

The big zucchini

One day, a girl called ‘I’ decided to make dinner with one of the seriously big zucchinis. I wasn’t sure how they would taste because surely a zucchini of that size would just be full of water and tasteless. How wrong I was. After cutting the seriously big zucchini into quarters, roasting and stuffing them with an amazing cous cous, tomato, feta and olive mixture, I made a seriously tasty dinner with the seriously big zucchini.

stuffed zucchini

That big zucchini has been stuffed.

Another seriously big zucchini is still in the fridge waiting to be eaten. All recipe suggestions for the seriously big and seriously tasty zucchini are welcome.

*For any British folk reading this, zucchini is Australian for courgette.

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4 Responses to “The Tale of a Seriously Big Zucchini”

  1. Sles Wrightson says:

    Now now Jess ……… SOME of us know that ????

  2. Chuck says:

    Yes but where is the meat? Can’t be a proper dinner without a bit of cow.

  3. Sles Wrightson says:

    Minted (courgette!!) soup with Greek yoghurt

    1tsp corn flour, 1.5 litre veg stock, 2 (Maris Piper) (floury?) spuds, 1 small onion, 2 cloves garlic – chop all those; 1 enormous zucchini grated, biggish bunch mint (not stalks), Greek yogurt.
    Blend corn f w little stock, put this & rest of stock in pan w chopped spuds, onion, garlic – simmer uncovered 15 mins. Add zucchini cook further 8 mins.
    Remove from heat, add mint leaves, blender till smooth. Season, ripple through(!) with yoghurt. VERY nice!

  4. Jess says:

    This super huge ZUCCHINI deserves to be enjoyed in its full state. While the soup does sound good, I think I’ll save that recipe for your average size ZUCCHINI.

    Zucchini is French for cow, Chuck.

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