Here I come, Manchester

Exciting times in the Socially Irresponsible Adventures of Jess (although less exciting for my bank account.) This afternoon I made a substantial investment in a plane ticket, travelling from unusually sunny Perth to as-rainy-as-expected Manchester. My last day in Perth will be 3 September, giving me enough time to get old and most likely complete a marathon before I depart.

It is great to have a date for exactly when the next ‘bit’ starts. Having something to work towards makes a big difference to how I see my time in Perth as now I only have a few weeks left to soak up the sun, see my friends and get lots of hugs from mum and dad.

So get ready, Manchester – please at least attempt to bring out some sunshine for me. I will be eternally grateful and announce to the world that you’re not THAT grey a city after all.

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