Moving to Manchester

Time really doesn’t stop and somehow 7.5 months have disappeared without telling me where they have gone. In January I left Manchester in tears, certain that my time in Perth was going to be a big void of wasted time. While it perhaps wasn’t what I ultimately wanted to do, my time in Perth turned out to be quite great.

If there is something that I have learnt in my old age, it is that no matter where you are in the world, if you are surrounded by great people then everything is ok. Working at the Subiaco council wasn’t my dream career move but it opened a wealth of unexpected opportunities to me. I spent six months looking forward to going to work because I would spend the time with some awesome people.

I ended up doing seven roles while at the council and I particularly enjoyed my final two which involved me running the Visit Subiaco social media. I love watching social media feeds – so many conversations happening all at once and I can eavesdrop on all of them!

I also loved being back in my family home with mum, dad and Ben. It is a rare occurrence that four very grown adults can live in the same house as one another without someone getting hurt and yet we did ok. Perhaps they’re all relieved that I have finally gone again but I know I liked it.

Meeting up with friends and family that I haven’t seen in years was great and it is always interesting to see how people have changed and grown. We all do it, but in our own special ways.

Getting on the plane today was hard despite having done this moving country thing many times now. I hate the goodbyes and while Facebook, Skype and email do make staying in contact easier, there is always a natural separation. Hopefully we really will see each other again, sometime, somewhere. Until then, let the life adventures roll.

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