Starting School

On Monday of this week, I attended my first class of my Masters degree. It has officially begun and there’s definitely no going back now. It has been an emotionally tumultuous week for me for various reasons which need not be discussed in a public forum, so the stability of going to uni, being given course handbooks and discovering just how much work I have in store has been a weirdly stabilising.

There are more people in the course than I expected – there are 35 students, most of whom appear to be at least 5 years younger than me. This has surprised me a little as I didn’t expect so many kiddies to be interested in museums. It’s a good sign for museums everywhere.

The units look interesting, there will be lots of opportunity for hands on experience and I will do a placement later this year. Exciting times ahead! Except I have already had to start on a group project which is something I greatly despise… group work. A dangerous, stressful thing that will only ever end in tears.

Fancy uni

Fancy uni

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