Ten things that have happened since my last post

Life, hey? Crazy thing. Perhaps it has something to do with the arrival of Marty McFly from the past tomorrow. Or maybe it is just that time flies when you’re having fun or are just really, really busy. Anyway, quick catch up in dot point form. I’ve chosen to do the ‘ten things’ list as I recently had some work published on BuzzFeed (although posted under my client’s name) which truly brought home the fact that I am one of those people who fills the internet with rubbish. I’m sorry. But I’m about to do it again.

  1. I went to Oxford with uni and visited the Pitt Rivers Museum and the Ashmolean. Two incredible museums; two very different spaces. Pitt Rivers was my favourite – an intense, ‘here is everything you could ever possibly imagine shoved into one space’ kind of a place. A feast for the eyes.
  2. I went to Liverpool with uni and visited the Worlds museum. Another fantastic experience – this time we got to go behind the scenes and look at the process of setting up an exhibition. My favourite part was seeing the workshops for the mount makers and set builders. I wanted to live there forever.
  3. I went to my first ParkRun. Every Saturday at 9am in parks across the world, thousands of people run 5 kilometres. I went to the run at Platt Fields Park and ran with about 250 people. I was the 21st girl which I was happy with.
  4. I am in the midst of organising a pop-up exhibition with uni. We have been put into groups and have been given objects from the Museum of Medicine and Health, which is located within the university. We have to create a pop up exhibition with these objects and it will be displayed at Chethams school of music in December. It’s a slightly onerous and scary task considering we have no equipment and limited budget but hey… how bad could it be?
  6. It hasn’t rained for two whole weeks.
  7. I’ve had some family time with my Aunty Kaye visiting from Australia. That involved a crazy-cousin-catchup which is always entertaining.
  8. I have been working in Central Library again and last week it was a Classroom/library buddy reunion session as four of us happened to cross paths in the reading room. It was one of the greatest moments of my week, seeing my work friends again and feeling that sense of camaraderie and nerdishness. Oh so squishy!
  9. I got a new mattress! This might not sound like news worth writing about, but try lying on a pile of springs for a month and see how you feel when someone says, “Yes, you can have a new bed and mattress.” Glorious!
  10. I have been watching an unusually large amount of rugby and gaining an unusually large amount of pleasure from doing so. Mr Pubert, as he will now officially be called, and I went to watch the Rugby League final at Old Trafford again. Last year’s match was highly entertaining thanks to our Wigan supporting neighbours, and Wigan were in the final once again. However, sadly Leeds were the better team this year and the crowd was far less entertaining. We did then go and have delicious korean food afterwards so that added a win to the evening.

So that’s my life for the last 20 or so days in 10 dot points. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Now I’m off to bed.

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  1. Mazzlet says:

    Wow Jess, your course sounds incredible. I’m jealous! So happy you are loving it, your life sounds wonderful.

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