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Call Me Robin

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

I am contemplating a life living in a forest with a bunch of merry men and attempting to win the heart of a fair maiden named Marian. I’m not sure how long it would last but at least I could feel confident heading off into the woods knowing that I’m not that bad with a bow and arrow.

On Sunday, Sir Pubert and I had a one-hour archery lesson in the Peak District near Sheffield. My single previous attempt at archery had ended in many tears and an early exit from the range. Seventeen years later, I had finally moved past that experience and felt confident enough to try again. My dad was a little concerned about me attempting archery again, but I assured him that as I am no longer 12, I am significantly less weak and pathetic and I now have a better understanding of the physics of bow handling,  I would be ok. But secretly I was still a little nervous.

The class was held at the Ringinglow Archery club and we were instructed by Damian. For obvious reasons the safety instructions were outlined very seriously but soon we were on our way to firing sharpened sticks through the air.


Not a bad view.

Our first target was 10 metres away, which doesn’t sound like much but when you’re attempting to make a thin projectile hit a dot on a board, it seems much further. It was very relieving when my turn came to shoot my first arrow and I not only managed to hold on to the bow correctly and make the arrow fire, it also hit the target. It wasn’t a bullseye by any means, but it didn’t go completely off track and hit one of the horses in the nearby paddocks. That is success in my books.

We were soon firing off arrows like pros – Sir Pubert will be disappointed if I didn’t mention that his final score was higher than mine, but who hit the central part of the target first? Oh, would that have been me? Why yes, I do believe it was.

Archery target


Pubert wasn’t content with the 10 metre target and convinced Damian to let us have a go at the 20 metre range. I missed my first shot but managed to land the rest of the arrows. It was amazing to see how much you have to change where you aim when you move from one distance to the other. I would classify myself as a short-distance archer at the moment with potential for inclusion in the Olympic team in 2016.