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DJ Jessso in da House, Y’all

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

I have to learn to think before I tweet. Last week I saw a tweet from BBC Radio 6 for songs that make you think, cry and dance. I was in my office avoiding doing work at the time and this was a great way to procrastinate. I thought it was just a general Twitter discussion and maybe it would get briefly mentioned on the radio. I wasn’t expecting to be emailed, questioned further about my music selections and then asked to be interviewed by Lauren Lavern for the Biorhythms session on Tuesday morning. I would have put more thought into my music selection.

But now I have been on British radio! And BBC Radio 6 for that matter – I’ve gone national, none of this local radio business for me. I have recently been contemplating reviving my 108 challenges and “Be interviewed on the radio” would be a great addition. Plus I can tick it off straight away! That’s always a win.

For those of you who care, my song choices were:

  1. A song that makes me dance – Super Stylin’ by Groove Armada. This song makes me think back to when I was a teenager getting up early on a Sunday morning to watch Video Hits with my brother. Always makes me want to dance.)
  2. A song that makes me cry – The Ship Song by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. This song reminds me of my Dad and singing along in his car on the way to Bunnings. It makes me a little home sick. Plus it is such a nice love song – I want a handsome man to sing this to me one day.
  3. A song that makes me think – Deconstruction by Fanfarlo. A song about pulling the craziness of life apart and then watching it all magically fall into place again – this resonates with me and my less-than-stable lifestyle. It’s all going to be ok.

So that was a fun (nerve wracking) way to spend a Tuesday morning. I sounded like a man, as per usual, with my croaky voice. Luckily no one knows who I am in England. Although I received a messages from friends saying, “Ummm… are you on the radio?!” FAME.