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Ticking Life’s Boxes

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

For years I have dreamt of owning a Volkswagen Beetle but my inability to commit to the significant investment has resulted in that simply continuing to be a dream. I have also wanted to own a convertible. I remember being at Primary School and playing a game with my friends where we would pretend to be ‘adults’. I was always 18 years old (that’s was my understanding of an adult as a 7 year old), a lawyer, I had two children, my husband had sadly died in a car crash, and I drove a green Volkswagen Polo convertible. Life was tough but I was surviving. So imagine my joy when I moved to the UK and began spending a lot of time with my cousin, Les, who drives a canary yellow ‘drop-head’ VW beetle. Oh yeah.

Remarkably (although I guess not that surprising considering this is Manchester), in the 1.5 years that I have lived in the UK, the weather has never been fine or warm enough to warrant the removal of the roof. I have gained much pleasure from the heated seats, but yesterday was the first time that I was able to travel with the roof down. Les took me to visit our cousins in Whitchurch and once we got off the M6, we pulled to the side of the road, watched the roof retract, tied our hair back, put jumpers on and then we were off!

Drivin' along.

Drivin’ along.

We zoomed through Cheshire with the relatively blue skies above us and the smell of truck exhaust hitting our nostrils. It reminded me of travelling through Crete on the back of a scooter only colder and slightly less dangerous. We wore two jumpers on the drive home. It was brilliant. I can finally tick “Travel in a convertible Beetle” off my bucket list. What an achievement!

Where did the roof go?

Where did the roof go?