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Zaum Progress Report

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Good morning all.

It is the second day of March, the 61st day of 2010, 16% of the year has passed so far. Perth apparently experienced the hottest first day of Autumn EVER yesterday and I must say I wouldn’t mind if it cooled down enough for me to wear my new skirt. The material is quite thick and doesn’t sit well in 38 degree temperatures. So while the world continues to orbit around the sun, Zaum has been slowly but steadily moving through the steps of establishment.

It has been exciting and frustrating and terrifying all at the same time. Three months of not knowing whether or not things are going to work out is a hard thing to go through and I’m so so glad I don’t have a mortgage or even rent to pay. Hooray for parents and the Gen Y concept of staying at home for as long as possible! Perhaps I’m cheating by enjoying the comforts of parental support but I also just think I’m smart. Why make things harder than they need to be? Plus there’s the old saying of if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. I completely agree.

I’m currently working on a little promotional flyer which I hope to send out in the next two weeks to agencies and businesses who might want to give me some work. Then this weekend I went to Guildford to look at the second hand stores. Over the last few weeks I have seen two necklaces consisting of an old key on some sort of chain, both priced at $50. I decided this was obscene and would make my own. Turns out, keys are expensive! $15-$35 is the price range, and being the stingy person I am, I went for the cheapest. But still, now all I need to do is find something to hang it on and Bob’s your uncle! Instant fashion.

I have managed to get some work from a few contacts, which is great. One of which seems very interesting and will require a bit of effort, research and brain usage. Can’t wait! Speaking of work, I had better get cracking on some of it.

I shall leave you with some photographs from my travels. I have a habit of taking photos of signs that I see. I have quite a collection. One day I suspect it will become a best seller. Just you wait!

Digging sign

So many digging men across the world

Bike sign

That's an accident waiting to happen.

Anti-Climb Paint Warning Sign

Err... What?

Progress is Fun!

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Throughout the “Make-Your-Own-Business” process I have discovered there are a few moments of pure joy, excitement and fulfilment that make the pain of having no income so much easier. Thus far these have been:

  • Registering Zaum as a business name
  • Setting up a business bank account
  • Registering (but still waiting) for an ABN
  • Purchasing the Zaum domain
  • Setting up a website.

Today I have experienced another of this landmark moments – I picked up my first set of business cards from the printers. EXCITEMENT PLUS!

Business cards

Collect all five!

I have never been in a job that required me to have a business card before. My previous roles were never senior enough but I guess as manager/CEO/President/Secretary/Treasurer/All-Ruling-One of Zaum, I need a card. However, being me and having my Dad  as a close influence, I have ventured ‘beyond the norm’ and decided to create five business cards rather than the ordinary one. Why get one when you can get five, I say! Now everyone has a little bit of Zaum to collect, and who knows, maybe there’ll be a FANTASTIC PRIZE if you collect all five! You’ll probably get one free word, but hey! That’s better than nothing.

In other news, I have a task for you! I went for a walk the other day and as I was far far away from my computer and notebooks I started having brilliant ideas that I couldn’t write down. I managed to remember at least one of them which is… I need you to help me write! I’d like people to give me topics to write short stories/comments/ideas/random thoughts on. These topics can be as logical as “the state of the economy” or as far fetched as “ducks eating foie gras.” I’ll then take your concepts and turn them into pieces of GENIUS, right here on my blog. And who knows what may stem from them! Perhaps an award winning book. I suspect so. So! Who’s first?

And so it begins…

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

This has taken me a lot longer than I expected. I had hoped to have the official launch of Zaum at the beginning of January but things have happened and it is now a few weeks late. But hey… does it matter?

WELCOME TO ZAUM! My name is Jess Davies, and I will be your host for this evening.

Jess, the Zaumister

Hi. Yipes. Oh. CHEESE!

Zaum is my new project, business, adventure, leap of faith. Zaum is going to be my life for the next year and hopefully more as I attempt to become a world famous wordie. What do I have planned? What is Zaum and how do you pronounce it?

Learn more about Zaum from the wonder that is Wikipedia. I don’t know how to pronounce it, and I have decided it doesn’t matter. Pronounce it however you like, but I’m going with “Z-or-m”. I’m probably wrong. I’m waiting for a Russian Futurist to tell me.

Right, so, my plans. I’ll dot point them.

  1. Write an awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, tear-jerking, stomach-hurtingly-funny blog.
  2. Step into the world of Freelance Writing. I’ve had a look at some of my competitors and I think I’m in for a challenge. I’m hoping people will accept my slightly whacky ways and see them as good things. I am professional, I promise!
  3. Write brilliant books. Yes. I am going to publish a book by the end of the year… Gosh. I hadn’t actually announced that until just then so there’s a challenge. I had better write it on a sticky note so I remember.
  4. Learn how to sew. I was given a sewing machine for Christmas which currently sits on my desk looking ominous. I shall defeat the beast and make brilliant garments! HA HA! Take that, evil machine!
  5. Prepare myself to move to France in 2011. Oui, madames et monsieurs! Je vais en France en 2011! Alors…
  6. Learn French. Yes, I can speak/understand it relatively well, but you can always know more!

That’s about it really… The first month of Zaum has been exciting. I registered a business name, purchased a domain, applied for an ABN (still waiting…), opened a business bank account, started some projects, wrote some words, painted some walls, bought an in-tray… My business cards are still in production. My website is up and running although it still contains a few glitches and it isn’t as pretty as I hoped it would be. And now I have written my first blog entry. All that is left is to write my first Zaumism. Stay tuned kids…