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Pubert’s Highlight

Monday, December 1st, 2014

Sir Pubert discovered the wonder of automated public toilets during our visit to Belfast. His fear of public facilities somehow led him to decide that a self-cleaning, coin operated toilet was better than a sneaky visit to a pub. Borrowing 20p from me, he entered cautiously and waved goodbye as the door closed behind him.

A few minutes later he emerged declaring his visit as being the highlight of his day. Whipping out his phone, he showed me the photographs he had taken from the inside – the count down clock displayed how many of his 15 minutes he had left until the doors would open again; the button that dispensed rationed sheets of toilet paper; and the hand washing sink that discharged soap and water at the same time.

Public toilet

Sir Pubert is in there.

The bright eyed boy was happy and it only cost me 20p. Now I just have to find an equivalent in Manchester and I will have sorted out his Christmas present.