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Someone Knock Me On The Head!

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

I have never wanted to go into a coma as much as I do right now. A brilliant story has hit the news of a 13 year old Croatian girl who went into a coma due to blood poisoning and came out 24 hours later speaking fluent German. She had learnt some German at school but was in no way fluent, but now she can’t speak anything BUT German! That’s just ridiculously amazing! Really I can’t see how it could be true and I think the media may be stretching it a little bit because at some point she would have had to learn the vocabulary. A baby doesn’t just wake up one morning and say, “Good morning, mother dearest. I do say I feel like having a good old chat about existentialism today!” So unless the girl had a German dictionary under her pillow and she was absorbing the words while in a coma, I don’t think she’s so fluent. But still, what a great moment in history!

I suppose it wouldn’t be so great for the girl or her family because they can no longer talk to one another. But that’s what translators are for! I wish I could go to sleep one night and wake up speaking fluent French. Ever since my French lesson yesterday I have been talking to myself in my head in French (yes, I am insane) so perhaps if I fall asleep thinking in French it will happen! Mais, oui! C’est possible!