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Disappointing Dessert

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

I had high hopes for Rosylee Tea Rooms in the Northern Quarter. They opened their doors towards the end of summer last year and I had been wanting to try their food since. On Thursday night, after being ‘arty and stuff’ and attending an exhibition opening, Pooja and I had dinner at Soup Kitchen before heading across the road to Rosylee for dessert. We were excited. We had heard good things and the photographs on their website suggested we were going to be very happy.

It wasn’t a great start – the staff ignored us as we walked in and looked obviously annoyed that we had entered their restaurant at 8.30pm when they had seem some potential for closing early. We were eventually invited to take a seat of our choosing and we then were presented with dessert menus. Rosylee has a fancy-vibe going for it. Lots of shiny things, black and white furnishings and the waitstaff look like they want to take your coat. It could be elegant but the restaurant was half-empty so it just felt a bit uncomfortable.

I went down a classic route and chose the plum and apple crumble served with cinnamon clotted cream. It was the clotted cream that got me and I promised to share some of it with Pooja. The chocolate item on the menu was a chocolate marquis with cherry which I knew I wouldn’t like because chocolate should never, ever, ever be put together with cherry or orange. Plus I was feeling like something cozy and comforting so crumble it was.

Apple and plum crumble

Apple and plum crumble

It was disappointing. I could have made a better crumble – the apple and the plum were both undercooked and the crumble topping had nothing interesting to it. Plus the custard was lumpy. The clotted cream was good (of course) but that’s because it is clotted cream and it is impossible for that not to taste amazing.

Pooja chose a Baileys crème brûlée which tasted nothing like Baileys. And it was overcooked and slightly curdled.

Baileys crème brûlée

Baileys crème brûlée

Both dishes looked very pretty and there was a moment of joy when they were placed in front of us. But sadly the joy ended as we dipped our over-sized spoons into delicate pots. Such a shame.

We had both independently decided against ordering tea when we had seen the price – £3.60. That’s a lot of money for some hot water and tea leaves. We were sad that our Rosylee Tea Room experience hadn’t been more successful, and while we agreed they weren’t the worst desserts we have ever eaten, they were overpriced and just not great. The final interesting moment was when our bill was plonked down on our table, signalling it was time for us to leave. And most likely never go back.

The Fun Times Just Keep on Rolling

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

The fun didn’t stop after the Paul Klee exhibition – in fact it probably got even better! We had invited our friend, Diogo, over for dinner and he had offered to bring dessert. Diogo has very good taste in food and wine and therefore I happily accepted his offer and was extremely pleased that I had when I saw what he had brought. He had visited a small bakery not far from our apartment and bought a piece of heaven – a Tholoniat. It is layers of sponge, cream, sponge, and then topped with crême brulée and served chilled. It was INCREDIBLE. Diogo had bought a fairly large cake which I cut into six decent sized pieces. But as the cake is supposed to remain very cold (they store it in a freezer at the patisserie), we decided we had better finish the whole thing. So two decent sized pieces of cake later and we were finished.


The Tholoniat in all its caramelised glory

In addition, Diogo had also bought some chocolate financier which are rich, almondy mini-cupcakes that are also rather delicious. So our dinner was fantastic, as was my morning tea today which involved a left over financier. Thank you, Diogo and thank you France for inventing such wonderful things that I can consume.


Morning tea