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Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

On my trip to England I learnt a very valuable lesson – the more you complain about not getting something, the more likely it will come when you least expect it. For example, snow.

I missed out on the snow in Paris this year due to French visa requirements and was a TEENY BIT disappointed. Ok, I cried. But it really was very unfair as all I wanted was a little bit of fluffy white stuff to start tumbling from the sky sometime around the Christmas period. Not a big ask, in my opinion, but clearly too hard to manage for the French Weather Gods.

I had given up all hope for seeing snow this winter as Paris has now moved into Spring with the flowers and the birds and the babies, but then I went to England. Good old England and its crummy weather. The day I arrived it was beautiful and sunny (and apparently hot but I’m not convinced that 19 degrees can be classified as hot), the day after it rained, the day after that was sun again. On Tuesday morning, when Ben and I drove to Manchester, it was sprinkling and by the time we arrived it was definitely raining. We spent the morning dodging rain drops walking through Manchester but in the afternoon it cleared up. However, there was clearly something brewing in the sky as very dark patches of clouds loomed in the distance and the winds picked up. As we left Lesley’s house at 9pm, it was cold, dark, windy and threatening.

The drive home required us to go up into some hills and the higher we climbed the colder our car’s temperature gauge told us it was outside. It was raining and soon that rain turned into icy rain and then suddenly I was able to scream out in delight, “IT’S SNOWING!!!”

England snow


I think Ben, as driver, was slightly less pleased by the snow as he was having to tackle slippery roads and very strong winds pushing torrents of snow flakes into our car as we zoomed along the motor way. It was like driving into an asteroid belt and going through a time warp. I suspect Doctor Who would have experienced similar things. It was pretty scary as rain + wind + snow + not really knowing the roads = not so good, but Ben’s good driving skills, the iPad GPS and some awesome 80s, 90s, and 00s hits as our driving music helped us get home safely.

The next morning it was snowing in Creswell but not pretty white fluffy snow – soggy, wet, melt-on-impact snow. Apparently other areas not far away had been snowed in so technically we were lucky, but it would have been nice to see some decent snow that wasn’t just gross. Anyway, I was still happy and did scream with joy like a child on occasion.

Creswell Snow

It looks like Christmas!

I am heading to the Alps this weekend with some friends where I will get to see some REAL snow – but I kind of like this random, unexpected non-mountain snow that just happens because it is cold.

Life in Country England

Friday, April 6th, 2012

I am currently sitting on the Eurostar heading back to Paris. Both to and from England, I have been placed in one of the worst seats on the train – an aisle seat next to the baggage rack meaning I have no views. So I am taking the time to pre-prepare blog entries for you – how efficient.

I have spent the last six days visiting my brother, Ben, in his current location of Creswell, England. Creswell is a small ex-mining town located about two hours north of London, somewhere between Nottingham and Sheffield. The countryside around Creswell is stunning – rolling hills, lots of lambs scampering about and Creswell isn’t far from the Peak District where rolling hills become fairly impressive rocky inclines. This is lucky because Creswell itself looks like it has been hit (or perhaps SHOULD be hit) by some sort of bomb and no one has really bothered to clean it up. People are sad in Creswell – I thought Parisians were sad but really they are just grumpy and annoyed at everything. Creswellians are truly sad and you can feel it like a heavy cloud hanging over the town. There are fights most nights at the pub across the road from where Ben lives and there are lots of young people with babies. It seems the only thing to do as a 15 year old in Creswell is pop out kids. That’s scary.

Creswell train station


Ben isn’t living there for the nightlife, he is currently completing an artisan baking course at the nearby Welbeck estate and the student accommodation is located in Creswell. It has been great to see where Ben has been living for the last few months, to visit the school and to meet some of the staff and students he has been working with.

School of Artisan Food

Ben's baking school

We hired a car for the week so that we could get out of Creswell and explore England. In our short time we managed to see a lot and ate plenty of good food. I shall provide you with more detail in individual blog entries to allow for easy reading fun. Enjoy.