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Every Dark Cloud Has a Silver Muesli Lining

Monday, July 28th, 2014

I am taking the “Why haven’t your written on your blog? Are you lazy or useless or something?” comments that I have received lately as positive signs that people are actually reading my words. So FEAR NOT, dear friends, I am back in action. Life decided to take a bit of a dive and throw multiple large spanners in the works, along with a large pile of P-O-O-P. But with this came some big bonuses – I was able to hug my Dad after almost two years of separation. It is amazing how much you can miss this basic physical support and my various exploits on the other side of the world have meant that I have spent very long periods of time without parental embraces. I may be 28, but my inner child still needs a hug every now and then so it was nice to finally get one.

The even bigger bonus was that after giving me a hug, my dad handed over two bags of AMAZINGLY FANTASTIC HOMEMADE MUESLI. To any onlookers, this exchange of plastic zip-lock bags would have looked like we were dealing in contraband drugs. They would almost be correct – this muesli is as addictive as any hardcore drug. Oats, rye, sultanas, apricots, hazelnuts, almonds, brazil nuts, dates, figs, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cashews – The Davies Family Muesli has been posted to Paris and transported to China. It has now made its way to Manchester where I have been greedily devouring it while also trying to save it for best. This morning I finished Bag #1 and almost cried. I am saving opening Bag #2 until I feel I will be able to cope with it disappearing. I won’t have access to any more for at least six months. I don’t know if I can handle that.



My Father in Toy Form

Monday, January 16th, 2012

My Dad’s name is John and he is a handyman and enjoys working in the garden/around the home fixing and making stuff. Imagine my utter delight when I discovered this in the boys’ section of a toy shop in Paris:

John World

All of the cool people of the world get miniature plastic versions of themselves, including my Dad

A Beaut Birthday Present

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

I can finally reveal to the world a project that I was working on over the last couple of weeks. It was a birthday present for my Dad and it finally arrived in Australia, just 2 days late! Not bad considering the French postal service was involved.

Meet Chuck.



Never will you meet a more helpful man than Chuck. No task is too big, too hard, too heavy, too tough. Chuck will find a way to do it and without a complaint, without a sigh, he will get down to work (except electrical and plumbing work.) Chuck loves helping people but he doesn’t do it for the reward or the thanks – he does it because he knows it is the right thing to do. If he has the skills, knowledge or strength that a person needs in order to complete a task, all they have to do is ask.


He's handy.

Chuck loves working with his hands and when he isn’t helping someone you will find him in his shed. He dreams of having a big workshop in his backyard where he can keep his tools and have enough space to make things. Wood is his product of choice and he would love to spend all of his time building things such as surfboards, kayaks and fruit bowls.

The problem is, Chuck also spends a lot of his time fighting crime. He doesn’t go searching for trouble – trouble finds him. Luckily Chuck has a black belt in karate and is best friends with the local Chief of Police. Every time he encounters a baddies – BAM! Chuck roundhouse kicks him to the ground and sends him straight to the lock-up. Chuck was awarded a Citizenship award recently be he honourably declined, saying that he is just trying to keep the streets safe and he just gotta do what he gotta do.


Nice beard.

Chuck is a family man – he has a wife, three kids and a dog. He goes home every night at 6pm, just in time for dinner. Chuck thinks his wife is the best cook in the whole wide world and tells her that every night as he licks his plate clean. Chuck likes to encourage his kids to go out and follow their dreams and see the world. He’s full of great advice and he has really big muscles.

Chuck is NOT for sale because he now lives with my Dad and drives around in a white van in the western suburbs of Perth.

The Letters of Paris

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

At the end of this week the Mairie de Paris is hosting a writing festival with conferences, discussions, performances and talks called Paris en Toutes Lettres. It looks like it would be an amazing event if I could understand what was being said AND if I wasn’t going to Madrid tomorrow. TYPICAL. Something interesting happens as I am leaving. Of course, this would be more of a problem if going to Madrid wasn’t going to be a fantastically amazing experience! Madrid sits high on my list of “must visits” largely due to the rumours I have heard about amazing art galleries and delicious food. Tom and I are spending five days there and our friends Rom and Coup are joining us. It is going to be much fun and we are preparing ourselves for the Spanish lifestyle of long sleep ins, late lunches, afternoon naps and then tapas, drinks and dinner until the wee hours of the morn. Sounds all a bit exhausting really… I’ll let you know how I go.

The last week has been a lot of fun – Mum and Dad came to visit and I showed them around my favourite Parisian haunts. We avoided most of the tourist sites and instead explored the outer areas where most tourists dare not venture. A highlight was discovering (thanks to Tom’s current obsession of markets) a world food market that is held in Belleville twice a week. It is HUGE. It stretched at least three blocks down the main road of Belleville and there was stall after stall selling fruit and vegetables, spices, cheap clothes and even toiletries. Bargain prices and plenty of “ALLEZ! ALLEZ! ALLEZ! KILO DE TOMATES! UN EURO! UN EURO! UN EURO!” By the end it was all a bit exhausting and I was quite pleased to get out of there. Tom and I have purchased a wheelie trolley to take to the markets so we’re now true blue market goers.


Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

I just received a parcel full of drugs. Well, not so much drugs as three bags full of homemade muesli from my Dad. Normally he and I make our own muesli as it is 1. delicious and 2. healthy. I haven’t been doing this in France and have been eating disgustingly sweetened sugared-oats. I now have about a kilo of muesli sitting in bags on my couch. I AM SO HAPPY! Tom will be banned from going near it. It is too precious. I don’t think I will ever finish it as it will be too sad.