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Carn the Dockers!

Friday, May 15th, 2015

No trip to Australia would be complete without seeing a game of AFL. I say this as an Australian who had never been to a live AFL match until Sir Pubert came to visit. I managed to get cheap-seat tickets for the two of us and my brother for the Dockers vs Essendon game at Subiaco Oval (or Patterson Stadium or Domain Stadium or whatever you want to call it.)

Up close to the action

Up close to the action

As I had never bought tickets for a game before, I managed to get us seats in the Essendon fans’ section, which wasn’t quite what I planned as it resulted in a fairly boring game for us to watch as the Dockers dominated. Despite this, it was entertaining to listen to the family of Essendon supporters sitting in front of us yell abuse at the players and umpires as their team failed to deliver. The little girl kept reminding her dad that he shouldn’t swear and then turn back to the action to yell at the players.

Our position right behind the goal meant we were amongst the action as the ball was kicked through. There was one goal from Essendon that resulted in the ball hurtling straight towards us and Sir Pubert touching the man who touched the ball. Impressive.

The Dockers won easily and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the captain, Matthew Pavlich, up close and slicked up with baby oil. Those footballers sure do have arm muscles…