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Getting My Legs Out

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Something truly astonishing has happened today. After approximately seven months hidden in the dark cave of jeans and trousers (I live in England now so I am practising not saying ‘pants’), my legs have escaped and are being exposed to UV light. The forecast for today is 19 degrees and sunny, which is the British equivalent of mid-summer in Australia. While 19 degrees would normally have me in multiple layers and complaining about how freezing it is, my internal thermometer appears to have shifted since moving to Europe and I am currently thinking, “Gosh, it’s warm.” I am joining the inevitable onslaught of pale and pudgy English flesh that will be reflecting the sun’s rays in parks, terraced pubs and any sunny public space. Normally I would be shy of my ridiculously pale legs, but here I blend in nicely. Although I am contemplating joining the Orange folk with their splodgy boot-polish brown spray tans. Then all I need to do is draw on some fake eyebrows, peroxide my hair and wear some leopard-print lycra and I’ll look like a local.

It is 10.30am on a Bank Holiday and the city is currently dead as everyone recovers from their MAD Sunday night out on the town. As my Sunday night involved abstinence from alcohol, a chicken and roast vegetable salad, and the final of Master Chef, I was up for my usual morning run at 7.15am. Running on public holidays is the most enjoyable experience as NO ONE else is around. Today was particularly glorious as the sun was shining, there was no wind, the air was slightly crisp and the trees are currently in bloom with pink and white blossom. All I needed was for a deer to run along side me and I could have been Mary Poppins. But as I returned to the city and ran along the main drag of Deansgate, I ran past a series of pubs that had smashed glass and beer stains all over the pavement. The stench from stale beer was overwhelming and forced me to run faster in order to get away from it. I don’t think Mary Poppins had to deal with that.

Today I am planning a walk along the Manchester Canal to the Lowry centre where there is a food festival on. I am mostly going in order to complete one of my 108 challenges – to get as close to Paul Hollywood (a celebrity baker/chef with “piercing blue eyes”) as possible. He will be there signing books and as long as I don’t have to buy a book, I will attempt to get a photo with him. Right – time to go and work on my tan.

It’s All About the Fashion

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

I think I have forgotten to mention that Jean Paul Gaultier is my neighbour.

Ok, so that’s not entirely true. His atelier is on the same street as my apartment and only a ten minute walk away (it’s a long street.) So presuming he works VERY hard and is therefore constantly slaving away at work, combined with the fact that a person who resides on the same street as you is therefore in your neighbourhood and is therefore your neighbour – I should go and ask JP to borrow some sugar.

To be honest I don’t really care about or follow his fashion exploits but today as I walked home there was much kerfuffle happening outside Chez Gaultier. Shiny black Mercedes were creating traffic jams as they stopped outside in the middle of the road to drop off their model/actor/rich person. Lots of fur, lots of dark sunglasses and lots of people standing around with cameras. According to a quick Google search, Jean Paul was showing off his Spring/Summer collection.

Ooh la la, la mode! C'est super chouette!

Ooh la la, la mode! C’est super chouette!

It was strangely reassuring watching the attendees arrive and pose for the cameras. Many of them had very ordinary hair or were wearing plastic bomber-jackets and didn’t look fashion-show-appropriate at all. One girl was even wearing a daggy orange beanie. That said, I wasn’t mistaken as a model and invited inside nor photographed so I guess I still need to work on my lip pouting, hair flopping and fur-wearing. Or perhaps I just need to invest in so-ugly-it’s-fashionable knitted headwear.

So Beautiful

Monday, March 19th, 2012

I am in love.

With a dress. I ran past a photograph advertising this Chloé design on Saturday morning and had to stop and look closer. What a shame it costs over 2500 Euros and you need to look like these girls in order to wear it. Maybe I will just superimpose my head on them and pretend.

Chloé dress

So beautiful.


Sunday, January 15th, 2012

On Friday Tom and I met our friend Phillipa for lunch, shopping and exhibition visiting in the 12 arrondissement of Paris. This area is growing and becoming more and more fashionable with the super cool BoBos of Paris. We had decided to go to a vietnamese restaurant, Hanoi, and joined a long line of cool people in order to eat rather delicious bún bò. By the time we were seated and eating we were starving, but the wait was worth it – it’s nice to have some relatively ‘real’ vietnamese food for once.

Afterwards we wandered around some shops – this area is full of small designer stores and the sales have started in Paris so even Tom was getting into the swing of things, buying some new pants. Remarkable. Our travels led us to the Ateliers de Paris gallery – a gallery space that supports local and emerging artists. This was my Fun Times Count Down item #5.

The current exhibition was a small showcase of fashion made by students from France, Belgium and Quebec. There were only a few items on display and as with most student exhibitions, the quality varied. However there was one stand out piece that was extremely impressive. Made by a student in Montreal, it was a circular web made out of a white twine and safety pins, which had been painted at certain points in order to create a colourful pattern. It was intricate, fragile and stood out as a quality piece of work that was well designed and crafted. You can see the piece in the image below – the first photograph on the wall.

Ateliers Exposition

Very interesting work

It was nice to see a small selection of handmade products made by emerging designers. It is great to see that there is are opportunities for students to showcase their work in a city like Paris.

It’s All About the Hair

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Meet Angelique.



Angelique is half Parisian, half Algerian, and the proud owner of an amazing head of hair. She works as a sales assistant at Le Chic hair and nail salon on Boulevard de Sébastopol, one of the busiest African beauty streets in Paris. She has been voted “Best Sales Assistant” via customer reviews every month since she started there. Angelique loves her work and puts every effort into her own appearance in order to set a good example for the store. All the ladies come to get their hair braided and their nails varnished by Angelique and they keep telling her she should set up her own store. Unfortunately, the guy she works for barely pays her a cent and threatens to cut off her beautiful long locks if she dares leave. It’s a tough world in the beauty scene.


So pretty.

Angelique has always been interested in fashion and beauty – her mother likes to tell the story about how when Angelique was just six months old, she managed to apply some lipstick she had found on the floor. These days, Angelique gets up at 5am every day in order to start getting ready for the day. It takes a long time to look this good. Her hair is her favourite personal attribute – every day she cleans and styles her hair, forming it into a different shape depending on her mood and the theme of her outfit. She loves to add a bit of bling to her attire – today she is wearing a lovely yellow bow (given to her by one of her favourite clients) and a gold necklace she saved up to buy.

Angelique dreams of opening her own store one day. Not only would she offer hair and nail services, but there would be a designated space for the husbands and boyfriends to wait with televisions and magazines, as well as free coffee for all customers. She would also offer beauty consultation services for those ladies who just don’t know what to do with their hair. When she lies in bed at night time, she thinks about the design of her store, what colours she would use and what the name would be. She would really like to call her store So Angelique but she is worried she might appear too arrogant.


How does she do that with her hair?

When Angelique is working and talking to her clients she is vibrant, fun and vivacious. However, it is a much different story when she is talking to boys. She is shy and would never dream of asking a boy out. She would love to have a boyfriend but whenever a guy shows interest in her, she turns away and hides. Lots of boys have tried – she is so beautiful! There is one boy in particular who keeps walking past her store, trying to catch her eye. He is a strange looking fellow with zebra stripes and he is always wearing reindeer antlers. Maybe one day they will meet and fall in love. Angelique certainly hopes so.

Angelique is on sale at my Etsy Store. Take her home today!

I Heart Bensimon

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Wandering through the Marais district I stumbled across a very cool set of clothing and home wares stores, all under branding of Bensimon. I will be needing to go back. In the meantime, we can all dream via this very cool website – Bensimon.

Bensimon shop

Ooh la la! A Bensimon home wares and clothing store

Good to See

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

We're here! Yay!

On the weekend I attended Unwrapped, the fashion and jewellery market held every few months in Perth. It is a great opportunity for local designers to get their work on show and hopefully sell a few pieces. I ran into a old school mate of mine who has developed a range of jewellery. I’m slightly jealous that she has achieved what I’m slowly (very slowly) working towards but I’m mostly happy for her. Mostly. Check out Niina’s work on her website, N.Blogs.

Niina's jewellery

Some of Niina's very pretty earrings.

Make the Most of it

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Holy moly, shock horror! Something interesting is happening in Perth! Who would have thunk?
As part of the Fashion Festival comes Popsicle – a pop-up container store in the “Cultural Centre” on James Street in Perth. From 9-15 September we will have access to emerging artists’ wares! THIS IS AMAZING! Go, support, buy, encourage it to happen again! It is brought to us by OnWilliam who I love and adore. A group of people who are keen to see Perth become a vibrant place. One day I will work on/near William Street and I will join them and wave banners that say “Stuffed animals and wacky arty stuff are cool!”

Melbourne Styles

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

I got dressed this morning in one of my Melbourne purchases – a giant, comfy jumper-dress with an embroidered tree on the front. I found it in a Design A Space store – wonderful retail shops that Australian designers can hire shelves and hanging space in to sell their wares. A fantastic concept that I wish would come to Perth.

This dress is a Gyegi design, a Melbourne based designer whose clothes are a great mix between cutesy Korean and simpler western styles. I checked out the Gyegi website to see what else is on offer and am now back in saving mode so that I can make some more purchases.

Red top






Must Develop Self Control

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

So I clearly am addicted to online shopping. I must now admit to a very off-the-cuff purchase I made simply because I saw a bargain. Yes, I have now official purchased a Catch of the Day and I’m not entirely sure why…

Catch of the day

It was a bargain!

I have never previously bought sunglasses without trying them on first, but when a pair of $49 glasses are on sale for $14 and they don’t have any branding OR bling on them, how could I say no?


Do they suit me?

They’re a bit plasticy and I can see why my current sunglasses cost about 15 times as much, but what a deal!

P.S. Catch of the Day currently has a Catchathon with over 200 products on sale. I dare you…