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Sustainable Living

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

For Christmas, Tom’s dad gave us a two night stay in sustainable, eco-friendly accommodation that he had won at a sustainability fair a few months prior. With January being our last month in Perth, we  had to rush to fit it in before our departure and managed to sneak it in last weekend. One of the best yet weirdest parts about this accommodation is that it is located in South Fremantle so it was hardly a holiday far away from home.

Named the Painted Fish, it comprises three different accommodation types – two of which we sampled. The first night we stayed in a converted train carriage which had an outdoor bathroom. Yes, the toilet was outside which was fine apart from night time visits that required a torch and a thorough check for rats/spiders/cockroaches/frogs/etc. The outdoor bathroom was also located at the end of the entry pathway, so anyone who accidentally took the wrong way while looking for one of the other rooms would walk straight into our bathroom. Not really my cup of tea but as they say, new experiences are good for you and what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

Outdoor toilet

I guess it was somewhat private, but your legs stuck out beyond the walls when you sat down.

The second night we were in the studio which catered more for my toffee-nosed needs. a beautiful glass cottage, the studio considered of a kitchen and lounge on the lower level, bedroom on a mezzanine and an outdoor patio on the top level. It was very relaxing to sit upstairs and eat some cheese while looking out towards South Beach. We ventured back inside at night time as the one or two rats that had been building a nest in the wall cavity in the carriage the night before, also liked running up and down the tree next to the patio. I think they may have wanted to eat our cheese.


The studio lounge and kitchen area

The nature-friendly vibe of the place certainly brought out the wildlife with rats and insects living happily amongst the buildings. My personal favourite (and this isn’t sarcasm) were the frogs that were living in the large garden ponds. It was amazing! Growing up, I had motorbike frogs in my garden who would spend all summer moaning and calling to one another at night. The past few years the frogs have disappeared so I was overwhelmed with excitement as I arrived at the Painted Fish to hear the sweet sounds of motorbike engines. Tom and I went frog spotting on the second night and stood on the rocks in the middle of the pond, surrounded by groaning frogs. It was wonderful.

Sunday morning we strolled down to South Beach for a swim and Friday night we went to Missy Moo’s on South Terrace for dinner. The accommodation is definitely worth considering for visiting family and friends who want somewhere relaxing to stay. Make sure they like nature, frogs and outdoor toilets first (although the studio’s toilet was indoors, but it did have big french doors that opened straight into the garden for that “outdoor toileting feel”.)

Studio garden

Ponds! Frogs! HOORAY!

Delicious Slop

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Sunday morning came around again and Tom suggested we be adventurous in our breakfast locations and so we headed to Fidel’s Cafe in Fremantle. A relaxed joint offering organic and healthy food, free wifi (!!!), and a great courtyard out the back, Fidel’s certainly a carefree cafe. I suppose it reflects the Fremantle attitude and way of life – good food in a relaxed atmosphere. The breakfast menu is probably the reason to come to this place although it does offer some interesting lunch options and is open for dinner over the weekend. You can choose your usual egg-options (which as a non-egg-lover I ignored) and they have a good range of gluten free dishes. Their main selling points are their crepes and pancakes. You pay a low price for a basic pancake and then for each topping you add it costs you $1. Not bad really, unless you want a pancake with EVERYTHING in which case you should make it at home.

I chose a crepe with mixed berries, maple syrup and banana and it was mostly good except the berries were frozen (although in Perth I don’t expect anything more) and they had chosen to drench the crepe in berry juice. This resulted in a very soggy crepe which I really don’t like. I’m one of those people who likes eating dry bread, dry crackers, plain rice, no sauce, no flavourings. Nothing. So the same goes for my preference for crepes but if soggy crepes are your thing then you’d probably love this one! Tom put strawberries (fresh), syrup, banana and ice cream on his crepe and it was much more my style. Both were well cooked though, which is a relief as Australians tend to fail at crepe making.



The coffee was good, the service was slow. But if you’re not in a rush and you’re not really starving (it was late in the morning… I was hungry and therefore grumpy. The slow service didn’t improve my mood.) then it wouldn’t matter! Not the most amazing place in the world but not bad either.

Fidel's Cafe on Urbanspoon

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo…

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

Today I let my inner child guide my adult body, resulting in me giggling like a little girl and running light-footed, following the musical chimes of the Mr Whippy Van. Tom and I had both declared our desires for ice cream but had pushed aside the urges for health and ‘saving-for-Paris’ sakes. We had glasses of water instead and focused on discussing whether or not you can buy jambon at la charcuterie. But in the midst of our French study came the sweet, sweet tunes of an ice cream van. Surely it wouldn’t come past the house? It couldn’t have chosen this street as a potential ice cream selling venue. It stopped right outside the house.

Mr Whippy

This is a book! Looks like a good read...

The van was somewhat oddly painted pink and covered in Hello Kitty stickers. Mr Whippy had clearly sold out to his niece or little sister. The ice cream was your average soft-serve and about four-times the price I ever remember from when I was a kid. That said, I was never allowed to buy ice cream from the Mr Whippy van so when the opportunity arose today and my parents weren’t around to say ‘No.’ I grabbed hold with both hands and bought myself a rocket – soft serve ice cream, dipped in chocolate WITH a flake. You can’t have soft serve ice cream without getting a flake and really that was the best bit. Soft serve is always disappointing (unless you buy it in Copenhagen where it is beyond delicious), the chocolate sauce wasn’t bad but hardly exciting, and the cone… well… It was fluorescent orange and Tom made the comment – “I wonder what these cones are made of exactly.” Enough said.

Yes, I felt sick afterwards and no, it wasn’t the greatest thing I have ever eaten, but the experience of happiness and joy in the form of ice cream arriving at your doorstop is worth $4 and a stomach ache. I just wish I had filmed the adventure so instead I am retelling the story to you and recording it for future generations. Yes, people from the year 2156, ice cream came in a van. Ahhh… good times.

Must Go!

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

I have spent my morning procrastinating by reading the 2010 Fremantle Festival program. There are so many great things happening! There’s art, music, community events, kites! I’m kind of disappointed that I will be in Sydney over the main festival weekend – 12-14 November. But then again, I’ll be in Sydney so I don’t completely mind. This does mean, however, that you (yes, YOU) must go on my behalf. Download the festival program, nominate an event you wish to attend and then come back to me with your thoughts, feelings and comments about said event. Ok? Ready? GO!

Don’t Have a Cow, Man…

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Mmm… burgers. Or should I say, “Mmmoooo… Burgers”. No, no I shouldn’t. Ok, so Friday night Tom and I went to Missy Moos Burger Bar in South Fremantle to sample what Matt Preston highlighted in the latest Delicious magazine. I don’t usually trust a man who wears such ugly shoes, and I find Matt Preston to be particularly off-putting, but I decided the only way to know was to give it a go.

Matt Preston

It's a sad day for all Home and Away stars when Matt Preston wins the Best New Talent logie

The place was buzzing on a Friday night – we had attempted to go there for a quick bite before a movie on Tuesday night but it is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Disappointing but most things on South Terrace looked closed so maybe it is some ‘anti-working-on-Tuesdays’ thing happening down that end of town.

Missy Moos Burger Bar

A fun place to go

Missy Moos’ burgers are different – you don’t find your usual combinations and it makes for an interesting range of options. The burger names are just as intriguing – most of them based on nursery rhymes. I chose the One Jumped Over the Moon – a beef patty with prosciutto and blue cheese. Most of the burgers contain spinach which is something close to my heart and I support completely. Who wants lettuce when you could have spinach instead! Brilliant. The burger was tasty and the beef patty wasn’t fatty and had a nice flavour. The prosciutto was fattier than I would have hoped but I’m not usually a fried-pork person so it wasn’t really made with me in mind. The bun was a disappointment – I found them quite stodgy and flavourless and I much prefer the Jus Burger bread.

Missy Moo Burger

Away it goes, over the moon

The great thing about Missy Moos is you can buy a soft drink there or bring your own wine or beer with no additional corkage. The restaurant is small but the high turn over means you won’t have to wait long for a table. Clearly a popular choice for families, it is a great place to have around the corner for a quick bite to eat.

The prices are good and the service is friendly. Definitely a thumbs up but I’d still choose Jus Burgers first. That said, there was a pumpkin burger on the menu but I was in the mood for meat. I might need to go back and give it a go.

Missy Moos Burger Bar on Urbanspoon

Freo Sounds

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Went to the Fremantle Arts Centre on Sunday afternoon and enjoyed a beer and good music in the Arts Centre courtyard. Every Sunday (well… most Sundays) they have free music that you can go and listen to. Take a picnic and a bottle of wine (or support local art and buy a drink there) and just chillax. The courtyard is a great place to spend a Sunday afternoon being surrounded by big shady trees and beautiful old buildings. Highly recommended. This week was The Brow Horn Orchestra who had everyone up and dancing with their energetic trumpet-filled tunes (similar sounds to Cat Empire). I particularly enjoyed when they inserted a bit of drum and bass into the mix – it worked surprisingly well. They are releasing their first album at the Llama Bar (of all places…) in December. One to look out for.

Not-So-Little Critters

Monday, September 20th, 2010

I love Little Creatures. The end.

No, not really, but I could leave it at that. Little Creatures in Fremantle is one of those places that you can’t not like. Well, I’m sure someone hates it, but the fact is it is generally noisy and excessively busy, the staff work at a crazy pace and look like they could do with a good shower, and yet it is a great place to sit with a group of friends or family and enjoy good food and beer. I’ve been to Little Creatures on many different occasions and have never come away feeling disappointed. The home-brewed beer is always tasty and the food on offer is simple and not over priced. The brewery building is fantastic – a large open space with heaps of standing areas and tables and chairs to go around, you never feel like you’re crowded. The seating area out the back by the water is a popular spot in summer and everyone wanted a table out there on Sunday afternoon when I went there for lunch. I, on the other hand, was opting for a table in the shade as my lighter-shade-of-pale skin was in a bit of a shock from the sudden arrival of the sun.

My boyfriend and I were in need of thirst-quenching liquids and decided act like the young and groovy people we’re supposed to be and wait in line to get in. This has been a recent phenomenon – the last two times queues have formed as they ‘reach capacity’. The turn over is generally fast enough so you don’t have to wait long. Once we got inside we then had to join another queue to wait for a table. We were inside by this point so waiting a bit longer didn’t seem like such a problem. The staff are very accommodating and were nice enough to give us a new table inside when the first one we were offered was in the direct sun with no possibility of shade until dusk. We shared three dishes – the grilled chorizo, nachos and a spinach, feta, pumpkin and beetroot salad. So good.


That's a spicy sausage!


Mmm.. cheesy nachos...

Beetroot salad

I love beetroot.

The chorizo was spicy and moorish, the nachos had a deliciously large serving of guacamole and that salad… well… what can I say? It had SPINACH, PUMPKIN, FETA, WALNUTS aaannnddddd BEETROOT. Add the avocado from the nachos and that’s everything a girl could ever want on one plate. Have I mentioned I’m currently addicted to beetroot? I’ve never cooked with it and am intrigued yet scared.

Anyway, Little Creatures. Fabulous. I’m so glad Perth has at least one place like this and that Melbourne wanted to steal it from us.

Little Creatures Brewery on Urbanspoon

The New Breakfast Joint

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Recent living arrangement changes has resulted in a new local cafe for Sunday breakfast needing to be sort. I miss Il Circolo but am quite pleased with the cafe strip on South Street in Fremantle. We now head to Aubergines, a busy cafe serving great food and pretty good coffee. The first few coffees I had there were pretty ordinary, but a sign on the window for a new barista has brought better results. The cafe attracts lots of regulars, with the owner coming outside to chat and feed all of the local dogs who turn up. Last Sunday there were 3 bull dogs, one of which was ridiculously fat and almost got run over. He was then carried around like a baby, all of his rolls of skin covering his eyes.

I have discovered what I believe to be the best bircher muesli in all of Perth. I can’t say I’ve tried them all, but this one is REALLY GOOD. Served in tower with rhubarb compote, berries and vanilla bean yoghurt, this is definitely worth getting out of bed for.

Bircher muesli

Muesli in a tower! Well I never...

The muesli is full of nuts, seeds and dried fruit and is dense and oh-so delicious. Definitely worth a drive to South Freo. Plus you might get to see me!

Aubergine Gourmet Foods on Urbanspoon