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Dancing Badly at Weddings is OK.

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

I spent the weekend in sunny Devon where the sun really did shine and there really were Devonshire teas. Slight warmth and scones make Jess a very happy girl. The purpose of my trip was to provide emotional support and additional hands to my friends, Pooja and Jonathan, who were having Round 2 of their three part wedding. Already hitched in Harrogate a few months ago, they were now bringing together their friends and family from all over the world to eat cornish pasties and samosas in a Westward Ho! golf club.

As most wedding receptions seem to go, there were drinks followed by food followed by the establishment of a fairly ordinary dance floor. We are talking portable disco lights and a music playlist Pooja and I had thrown together that morning being controlled from an iPad. It was quality stuff, and so was the dancing.

On the dance floors of weddings anything goes. Arms flail, feet step and bodies bounce somewhat in time to all your favourite dance hits from the 80s, 90s and today. You are free to express yourself and let yourself go without being judged because everyone else looks just as ridiculous as you. You can’t get away with this sort of shoddy dancing at a night club or concert because there people really are watching. At a wedding, the positive vibes of love and marriage bring an over riding power that allows you to do no wrong. If you feel a sudden urge to body pump, go right ahead and do it. Half of the dance floor will mostly likely join in and body pump with you.

As you would most likely expect, the dance floor on the weekend was 90 per cent female. The occasional male was dragged out to dance, kicking and screaming, giving in for one song before running back to the other blokes who stood around smirking. There were, however, token men who took hold of the opportunity to be surrounded by twelve dancing ladies and who ruled the dance floor with charm and smooth moves. A tip for all of the men of the world – if you want to have well dressed females throwing themselves at you, learn to dance.

After two hours of toe-tapping, spirit-fingering and hip-shaking, my fellow dancers and I were now all the best of friends and have added each other on Facebook in the hope we will meet on a dance floor in the near future. There is an unexplainable bond that forms on a dance floor that cannot be achieved anywhere else. When you have communally sung loudly and tunelessly and made up ridiculous dance steps to classic 80s tunes, nothing can break that.

So to my new friends that I met on Saturday night in Westward Ho!, thank you for the good times. May one of our mutual friends get married soon so that we can meet and get our groove on once again.

Mural Magic

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

It is nice to see my friends doing awesome things. Miles Noel is a guy who went to school with my brother, peeled italian sausages with me at a terrible pizza restaurant in Perth and is generally super cool. He is also a painter and is growing his collection and presence within the Australian art scene. He recently did a mural on a wall in Angove Street, North Perth for the local festival and has released this time lapse video of his work. Very exciting stuff. Love it.

Why I Miss Alex

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

My friend, Alex, has responded to my “Ideas Please” request by saying I should write about why I miss him. So I shall do so in the form of a poem because I am on a roll with poems at the moment (ie. I have written three in the past 24 hours so let’s make it four.)

Ode to Alex
Oh, Alex, how I miss thee
With your many questions that interrogate me.
Your random knowledge about trivial facts
And your complete and utter lack of tact.
But most of all I miss the ease
Of which we can chat, challenge and tease.
Alex, my friend and technical wizard,
When are you and Velia coming to visit?

Eiffel tower and baguette

These wonders await you!