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Reason Why I Am Grumpy With Paris Today #2

Monday, June 18th, 2012

After my fun adventures at OfficeDepot I then went to Franprix to buy a bag of rocket. The girl at the checkout was as amazingly happy to serve me as usual. I then walked outside and stood at the traffic lights to cross the road. A random guy walked up to me and said “Bonjour!” I gave him a “Yes, hello but goodbye” half-smile and he then proceeded to attempt chatting me up by discussing the fact that I was carrying a bag of rocket.

“Having a salad, are you?”
“Will you serve it with a vinaigrette or something?”
“Ahhh… probably.”
“Yes… that will be very nice (something, something, something in French that I didn’t understand.)”
“OK, goodbye now!”

I then walked for approximately three minutes to get to my apartment, during which time I had four French men either say “Bonjour” or just look at me from head to toe. Sometimes this is flattering, other times (such as just after battling grumpy, useless and rude OfficeDepot staff) I just want to punch them. Maybe I complain too much or am up myself but AARRRRGGGGGG!!! Today it was all too much and I have decided it is best to just stay inside and hide.