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Good Translations

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

On Saturday I escorted Becky to the Running Expo – the pre-marathon event where all of the competitors collected their bibs, bought new shoes and sampled brightly coloured energy drinks. The expo was huge and there was a large range of sporting companies selling their wares as well as information stalls about up and coming marathons, long distance runs and cross-country adventure circuits.

As part of the bib collection, Becky also received a handy backpack full of goodies – free energy supplement samples, a nifty bandana, and information about Sunday’s run. There was an A5 booklet containing all of the information you need to do the marathon such as starting times and dinner suggestions for the night before (eat rice.) The booklet was in both French and English and it soon became obvious that the English translation was done by someone who can’t actually speak English. As we stood in line waiting to buy a coffee, we flipped through the booklet and discovered this page, the results of which had us almost falling on the floor with laughter.

Marathon information

I think I need to offer my editing services.

As the image is small and it may be hard to read, allow me to highlight the most interesting of the ‘Last advices before start’ – Don’t forget 2 small bandages for your tits. How exactly they got this from the French version which says “Two bandages to fix on the nipples to avoid abrasions” I’m not sure. There were many interesting translations throughout the booklet – I wonder how I get them to let me have a quick read through the translation before they press print. Considering the fact that a large proportion of the marathon competitors were from countries other than France I would have thought they would put more effort and money into checking the English translation. Or maybe they were wanting to slow down the English-speaking runners by making them laugh so hard they got stitches and therefore the French would win. Ooh… sneaky!