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The Guylian Experience

Friday, August 13th, 2010

I’m not a huge fan of Guylian – their seashell chocolates are the consistency of soap and contain too much white ‘chocolate’ for my liking. I don’t even like calling white chocolate chocolate because in my opinion in order for chocolate to be chocolate it needs to contain cocoa beans and white chocolate doesn’t. Sure, it has cocoa butter but that doesn’t count. Anyway, on my recent adventure to Sydney I was in desperate need of something sweet and found myself at the Guylian cafe in the Rocks. Much like the Lindt cafes that you can also find in Sydney, it is a pompous affair with over priced products and an air of false prestige. I don’t know why chocolate cafes do that – there’s no need for chocolate to be portrayed as a high-flying product. Sure, it used to be considered on a similar par as gold, but now it is a humble and friendly treat that everyone can enjoy.

Anyway, I decided to try their basic hot chocolate, not expecting the earth but hoping for the best. I was pleasantly surprised.

Hot chocolate

The Guylian hot chocolate experience

I was served a jug of hot chocolate, a cup with a ‘dark’ chocolate shell and then a BONUS! white chocolate and pistachio chocolate to enjoy. At this point I was glad I had decided not to try any of the cakes because while I am a chocaholic that wold have been a bit much.

Chocolate shell

It looks a bit odd...

The shell in the cup, while resembling something a little less delicious, was a nice idea. I was torn between eating it or pouring the hot chocolate over it to let it melt. Seeing as Guylian’s dark chocolate is rather pathetic, I decided to go for the pour and was pleased with the results.

Melted chocolate


I discovered the best way to eat Guylian chocolates is to melt them in hot chocolate first. Very yum.

Hot chocolate

Not quite a Paul hot chocolate

The hot chocolate wasn’t bad – a tad sweet and not the thickest and darkest hot chocolate I’ve ever tried by any  means. The fact that the jug gave you two cups worth certainly put a smile on my face because I’m all for good value and the opportunity for seconds. I would put it on a similar scale as a San Churro hot chocolate in that they’re trying to be chocolatey but really they have a lot further to go.

White chocolate

It was free!

A free chocolate isn’t necessarily a good chocolate and I give this one 6/10. For a start it was white and it had that soapy feel but it was better than a homebrand easter egg given out by the Easter Bunny in a supermarket. I do love pistachios.

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