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B&Q v Bunnings

Monday, November 17th, 2014

The weekend arrived once again and my inner Duracell Bunny was as eager as ever to get out and see something, do something, eat something. This nervous-twitch-like-habit that I have developed over the past for years of living in new cities is having to be managed by Sir Pubert Gladstone who owns a car and is therefore my instant chauffeur. So where did he take me this weekend for an exciting Saturday adventure?

The plumbing aisle in B&Q.

Believe it or not with a name like Sir Pubert, he is currently renovating a house and had some plumbing issues on Friday afternoon. That is not the time when you want leaking pipes. So to B&Q we went to find the necessary bits to control water flow.

Luckily for Sir Pubert, I love hardware stores. From a young age, I have looked forward to weekend trips with my Dad to Perth’s B&Q equivalent, Bunnings, helping him find the right nut and washer for the bolt and picking the straightest length of MDF. I love the smell of hardware stores and the range of ‘stuff’ you can buy. Then there’s the terrible 90s rock music that always seems to be playing and the special bins of additional paraphernalia that you didn’t realise you need but that may come in handy one day. I can wander the aisles for hours looking at tools, cuts of wood, plastic pipes, and screws and bolts, wondering what that strange shaped joining bit could be used for.

While waiting for Sir Pubert to find the right connection to fix his plastic pipe to metal hose issue, I tried to decide which hardware was better – B&Q or Bunnings? My final outcome is that really neither is better than the other. They are both understocked and never have the one thing you need. B&Q is slightly cleaner, which in my eyes isn’t necessarily a good thing. A hardware should be used, a bit dusty and kind of rough around the edges. It shouldn’t look like a homewares gift shop with shiny floors and clean aisles. So having come to the conclusion that neither hardware store lived up to my expectations I returned to trying to find a 35 degree push-fit pipe elbow.

Then we went to the supermarket.

Something you would definitely hope to find in a hardware store.

Something you would definitely hope to find in a hardware store.