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Le Bon Chocolat

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Good news everyone! I have discovered a new hot chocolate to add to my “World’s Best Hot Chocolate” list! This doesn’t happen very often so this is a momentous occasion. Recently I have been going to a café in the Marais district called Le Caféotheque that sells a wide variety of pure, organic coffees. It is a lovely casual environment with couches, a bar and a few tables where people sit and chat for hours.

Today I went there after visiting a free exhibition at the Hotel de Ville about Impressionism in Paris (very enjoyable and once again enlightening with my new found knowledge of Paris’s history.) I had previously sampled their ice coffee which was particularly delicious and this time ordered a hot chocolate because I spotted a very pretty word on the menu – Valrhona. For those innocent people who are unaware of what this word means, it basically translates into “one of the best chocolates in the world. Ever.” And when transformed into a warming drink, it maintains this deliciousness in its molten form.

hot chocolate

Hot chocolate love

It was delicious – rich, creamy and addictive. Perhaps a little sweet but I also put that down to my lack of hot chocolate consumption recently. It was served with a piece of chocolate which I stupidly left until the end and it was actually quite awful – someone had inserted some sort of dried fruit in it. Yuck. But still. Free chocolate. I’m very excited to have discovered a new café to hang out at. I spent an hour or so reading my book and drinking a hot chocolate. What luxury.

Book and hot chocolate


Miam Miam! C’est le bon chocolat!

Friday, February 11th, 2011

I can’t believe I haven’t written about my second best hot chocolate drinking experience. It happened last Friday. It was some sort of miracle. Allow me to explain further.

Tom had researched “best hot chocolate in Paris” on our very slow internet and had discovered Angelina’s – a very snazzy, over priced restaurant located opposite the Tuileries gardens. Located next to shops selling over priced, snazzy clothes and art, I thought we would be in for a shock when it came to the price of this liquid chocolate goodness but the hot chocolate was probably the most well priced item on the menu. The restaurant is very ye olde Parisian with red carpets, white and gold decor and lots of swirly wooden arm chairs. The four Australians were escorted upstairs where we were waited on fancy-pants style. Fun.

We each ordered the hot chocolate (the speciality of the house) and we were delivered two large jugs of dark liquid to share. At first I thought “pffft… that’s a bit stingy. I want my own jug!” but then realised each jug contained enough for 2 cups each. Excellent. But that’s not all. We were also served a pot of whipped cream to add to our taste buds’ liking. Let the indulging begin.

Hot chocolate

That's a good looking pot of chocolate

This hot chocolate had a lot to live up to. I am an avid fan of Paul’s (a french chain bakery) hot chocolate and I have had the amazing hot chocolate from Juliette et Chocolat in Montreal. High stakes. Big calls. And so I sampled.

Hot chocolate

Chocolate and cream. What more could you want?

It was goooood!! Rich, dark and not too sweet – we all started to feel a little drunk after the first cup. Definitely better than a Paul’s but not as good as Juliette’s it was creamy and smooth and well… so so good. Everyone was smiling. The cream with an interesting addition and everyone bar me added lots. I don’t really believe in the dilution of perfectly good chocolate richness so I added a few dollops but mostly just ate them.

Jess and chocolate

Chocolate makes me happy.

After two cups each we were all a bit over chocolate. Tom was keen for more but we all rolled out of the restaurant with full bellies and a lot of sighs. Definitely worth a second visit.


Go there.