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Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

When my brother was visiting me in Paris, we went and saw a Stefan Sagmeister exhibition at the Les Arts Decoratifs gallery. This is one of my favourite galleries in Paris as the exhibitions focus on contemporary movements in fashion, media and art – areas of great interest to me.

Stefan Sagmeister is an Austrian designer who pushes and explores the use of design in some fascinating ways. He has gained a good enough reputation that he is able to really pursue his love for design in ways that many other people dream of doing. He is also a very intelligent and thoughtful guy and has presented numerous times for TED – a series of talks from people of various backgrounds on a wide variety of topics. One of Sagmeister’s talks was about a year-long sabbatical that he took in Bali where he stopped working for a year and focussed purely on idea development and exploring new design concepts. The personal and professional benefits that he gained from this sabbatical are quite amazing and it has made me think about how I am spending my time in Paris.

This past year was a bit of a sabbatical for myself – I didn’t work and I attempted to explore new avenues of creativity. However I ran into a problem that Sagmeister experienced himself; he had taken a sabbatical a few years prior and had felt it a failure as he went into it without a plan. He thought having all of the free time in the world would instantly provide him with the freedom to create new ideas and yet it turned out not to be the case. This is a problem that I have been experiencing and I am thinking of following Sagmeister’s lead and developing a structure for my time so that I actually achieve things in the next year. I am a person who loves structure and boundaries and I think this way of working would suit me well. While I love being able to do things whenever I want, I also find myself craving routine and regularity. Setting myself a timetable for when I focus on writing, when I make sock creatures, when I develop new ideas, would provide me with the basic structure I need to get things done. With this in place, who knows what great things I will develop in 2012. Perhaps that award winning book I keep talking about…

Writing Assignment

Monday, November 7th, 2011

I have learnt my lesson to never again request writing topic ideas on Facebook. The suggestions returned were “Kittens” and “Mittens”. Good on ya, James and Ben, but here we go. A story about kittens and mittens.

“Meow!” said the little kitten, “I am so cute and fluffy!”
“SQUASHED!” yelled the evil mitten that had been sneaking up on the fluffy kitten for the past five minutes, and then crushed the kitten’s bones and destroyed all of its vital organs.
“We are the winners!” laughed the clan of mittens, cheering for their mitten leader who had finally destroyed that stupid kitten.
“Not for long!” replied the even eviler group of kittens who pounced from behind and tore those mittens to shreds, dragging their never ending woollen threads throughout the house until all that remained was a sea of wool. And in that wool the kittens did play, dancing and prancing and squealing with laughter every time they remembered how they had killed those useless handsocks.


Ideas Please

Thursday, July 28th, 2011


I want to write a story and I sat looking at a blank page for about an hour yesterday and nothing came. So I need you to give me an idea/topic/first line/last line/something to get me started. Excellent. Thank you.