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One Month Down

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

Believe it or not, I have been back in Perth for an entire month and I am yet to turn into a fried lobster. You could even say I have a ‘slight tan’, which mostly means I am not obscenely white – just very white.

It has been a busy month and I think life is about to become even busier. I now have two jobs. Yes, two. Why get one, when you can have two? Both positions are casual roles for the Subiaco local council – the first is working in the community engagement team while the other involves me organising cultural events in the library. I then come home and write amazing things for my clients, so I have been spending a lot of time lately staring at computer screens.

Meanwhile, my left foot is becoming more in tune with the movement of a clutch and I am slowly improving at this whole ‘manual car’ thing. I will admit to one rather large hissy-fit that was the result of a three-point turn, a hill start and a (luckily) very patient person waiting for me to work out the pedals. The fact that it was 38 degrees at the time didn’t help.

Last Saturday I volunteered for the Perth International Arts Festival again, this time at the new (well, new to me seeing as it had only just opened when I left Perth four years ago) State Theatre. I encouraged children and their parents to colour in flying machines and then have them projected onto a large digital installation. It was fantastic fun – watching children gain so much joy from seeing their artworks turned into magical moving images on a large screen was very pleasing.


My art work zooming around on the screen.

Now I must dash and go to bed. I have taken to waking up at 5.50am to go for a run and/or head to the beach for a swim before getting ready for work. Ridiculous, yes. Enjoyable, also yes. A day without pre-breakfast exercise isn’t a day that you want to meet me. They say exercise gives you endorphins – I think it just sweats out my grumpiness.

Goodbye, Co-Op.

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

The past few weeks have been… interesting, to say the least. If you had asked me to describe how I felt about my world a week and a half ago, ‘interesting’ would not have been the adjective. My grandmother reads my blog so I can’t use the words that were really whirling through my head. I was not a happy bunny. However, fear not, this will not be a whinge, a whine or a whimper. I have now had time to breathe through things and see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s flickering a bit, but it’s there.

Basically, I lost my job. Now many people have lost their jobs at some point in their life and I realise that I am not the first person to have this misfortune. However, I LOST MY JOB! Oh woe, poor me. I was really enjoying life at the Co-Op. It was comfortable, it was easy and my work mates were ace. I would spend the majority of my time talking to nice old people on the phone, guiding them through the confusing world of IT, explaining how to turn their computers off and on again. My customers loved me because I would reset their passwords and they could continue working. It was like having a hundred surrogate grandparents who were proud of me.

But then the Co-Op started experiencing economic issues and had to save a large amount of money. It has been sad watching the Co-Op IT department deal with these cuts backs as it has asked a large number of its employees to leave and started reshuffling staff without thinking of the long term affects. Staff are now concerned about their futures within the company and are uncertain about whether or not they will have a job next month. Up until now I have been very fortunate to have avoided being directly affected by the economic struggles the world has been going through over the past few years. Seeing it up close and feeling its effects has been eye opening.

I was sad to say goodbye to my IT crowd colleagues and I even miss wearing a stupid headset. However it is time to move onwards and upwards and get this writing thing that I say I do into action again. More adventures and opportunities await. Who knows what will happen next in the Crazy Life of Jessica Davies?

Feeling the love.

Feeling the love.

This window wins the Best Window At Work award.

This window wins the Best Window At Work award.

I’m a Working Girl

Friday, June 14th, 2013

I deserve a slap on the back of the hand for my blogging efforts recently. My excuses involve getting a job, having a social life and trying to do things other than sit in front of my computer. But I feel I am letting everyone down and I don’t like doing that so here I am, providing you with exciting updates on my life à Manchester.

The biggest thing in my world at the moment is my JOB. Yes, I, Jessica Davies, have a JOB. I haven’t had one of those since 2009. It is a server role at a new restaurant called Artisan that is opening on 24 June. The entire staff is being trained for two weeks prior in order to get us to a good enough level to be able to make the restaurant ultra cool. This has involved study sessions and me needing to memorise things which I haven’t done since 2002 so my brain has exploded through my ears and is currently scattered across my apartment floor. It has been great though – lots of friendly people, plenty of laughs and the prospect of delicious food is getting closer and closer.

The past two days have involved food and glass tray carrying exercises and my left shoulder is in agony. The plates are very heavy (there are some cast iron plates/dishes that come straight out of the oven and on to the table) so carrying a tray with five plates is a bit like carrying a small child with one hand for long periods of time. And glasses… oh, the glasses. I am going to drop them all on a lady wearing a fancy dress, I can just tell. But apparently that is all part of the ‘fun’ of the job.

I am looking forward to the restaurant being completely functioning. There are still builders working there and it is a bit of a mess but soon it will all come together and I’ll have to start serving people. SCARY. But anyone in Manchester should come and have a bite to eat after it opens! Ask for the Australian waitress – and then leave a big tip.

Three Months in Manchester

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Today is the three-month-versary of my new adventure in Manchester. I realised this last night and almost fell over when I realised that I have been here for a quarter of a year. That sounds like a very long time but once again I am feeling that mixed sensation where the time has both flown past and I feel like I have been here forever. I am not, however experiencing the infamous Three-Month-Depression which is a relief. Perhaps it is because I haven’t moved here from my home town and so I don’t have that intense desire to return to Perth. Instead, this morning on Skype I declared to my best friend that I am HAPPY. And I meant it.

I haven’t written on my blog for a significantly long time and I apologise to anyone who has been habitually checking to see what cake I have eaten recently (although that you can see on my Instagram account here.) I can assure you that I have been eating cake (some good, some not so good) and generally enjoying myself in this reliably rainy city. What have I been doing… Allow me to summarise:

  • I have settled into my new office space and have started having light conversation with some of the other people working there. It has been great to be able to leave my apartment and my ridiculously uncomfortable dining chairs to be able to sit on almost-as-uncomfortable wooden school chairs in a communal office space. Nice to have other people around and to hear the gentle hum of work.
  • I got a job! I will soon be Manchester’s best waitress, working at a brand new restaurant that is opening in the fancy-pants shiny office zone of Spinningfields. The restaurant is called “Artisan” and it is going to have local artists’ work on the walls. Plus it is owned by the same company who run Australasia – my favourite restaurant in Manchester and home to two of the best desserts I have ever consumed in my life. So I have high hopes for the desserts on offer in this restaurant that I will hopefully be able to sample regularly.
  • I have been networking like a professional. It started off as a way to make friends and has evolved into potential work opportunities – I have been to numerous meet ups with people working in creative industries, or just random people who decided to come and drink beer and draw on paper table cloths. It has been a lot of fun and my confidence in meeting new people has grown enormously.
  • I spent a fantastic Sunday afternoon walking around Manchester with a new photographer/web designer friend, interviewing random Mancunians to use for a book proposal. Nathan and I were applying for job to create a book about veteran cricket players in Yorkshire. Sadly, we didn’t get the job, but we did get a taste for the crazy characters of this city and are now planning our own book. Stay tuned.
  • The sun has come out twice. This weekend was a bank holiday and the sun blessed us with its presence on Saturday and Sunday. I discovered that having my skin covered up for seven months has resulted in it being the whitest it has ever been, and also the most sensitive to the sun. Exposure to a few rays and turned red. I have learnt a valuable lesson. Today it is raining again so it is back to long sleeves.

I have been busy busy busy which has been fantastic. I am making friends, meeting new people, exploring Manchester, visiting exhibitions, writing, eating, doing. Life is good and Manchester is treating me well. Although I would greatly appreciate less pathetic drizzle. It gets in the way, is quite depressing and my umbrella has officially carked it. I really need to invest in water proof clothing.

That’s the End of that Chapter

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

So I quit my job. Yes, I only did it for a few weeks, however within those few weeks I managed to be placed in very uncomfortable situations that made me look like a fool and I don’t like that. The management stuffed me around, was rude and generally incomprehensible so I had enough. So I have handed in my notice and I am no longer a tour guide. Sad, but true. What this has given me is a new interest in French history AND a new desire to write. Up until now I have been very slack with my writing but while taking groups of tourists around and providing them with some very ordinary stories about Paris, I realised that I am a better story teller than that and I could do more. So I will.

Day 1.

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

I took my first ‘Free’ tour today. It went ok – it was a big group, it rained, an American family took forever to use the toilet… I managed to come away with some moolah but future tours will require me to squeeze more money out of those poor teenagers or it won’t be worth my while. It was fun and I managed to remember MOST of what I wanted to say. There were a few moments of “Umm… that guy’s name is… err….” but everyone seemed happy enough. I wasn’t supposed to start until tomorrow but was asked at the last minute to come in and cover. Tomorrow I am working again so we shall see how things go. I’m almost ready to hand in my notice… working takes up so much “walking around Paris aimlessly” time. Joking. Sort of.

New Europe

Spot me!

Meanwhile, I just discovered that I’m on their website! I’m so famous. Look at me!

Oh Yeah…

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

I forgot to mention something fairly important that has happened recently – I have been employed! I am going to start taking tourists on free three-hour walks through Paris as part of New Europe tours. So anyone planning on visiting Paris has to come on one of my tours and pay me lots of money because I will be living off the tips that I earn. I’ll give you a 10% discount – mates rates.

Living Your Paris Dream Challenge

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

I have received a few requests for Parisian dreams lived vicariously through me which is very pleasing! Please keep them coming. The more specific they are the better. Pretend I have no creative thought and need to be told exactly what to do. It’s your dream, not mine! I can’t read your mind.

So, Tom’s mum has given me a broad, though butt-kicking, challenge to do one fun thing everyday just because it is fun. No thought processes allowed. For those of you who really know me, you would be aware of my tendency to over-think things and to weigh-up pros and cons, consider what other people would think, etc etc. No more – now I am to be free and easy and jumping at any opportunity that entices me. Sounds like a plan.

So today was day one of “Jess’s Fun Times in Paris” and what fun was had! MY GOSH. I woke this morning to the delightful sound of falling rain. I thought at first it was Tom’s computer having a heart attack, but I went downstairs to investigate whether or not I had to go for a run (my morning ritual involves my alarm going off at 7.15am so that I can get up and prepare my calorie count for potential french pastries) and discovered it was raining quite hard. No run possible with that water creating slippery French pavements! That was fun thing number one: sleeping in.

Then, after breakfast, I wrote on my blog before Tom suggested a run. Dang. But I managed to run a decent length at a good speed and it started to sprinkle which added that element of “I’m running in the rain next to a canal in Paris!”

By this stage it was lunch time so a fresh baguette with cheese, rocket, tomato and nutella (not necessarily all together) was consumed and greatly enjoyed before Tom and I hoped on our Velib bikes and headed to the movie cinema to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Ahhh… Johnny. How can a girl not have a good day when Johnny Depp is part of it? Yes, I am one of those girls but I also went to watch the movie because I think the Pirates series is particularly good. I found this episode to be quite well done with a good plot but a terrible casting with what’s-her-name-who-can’t-act-but-can-pout. I’m not sure how Penelope Cruz has reached the stardom that she has. Sure, she’s hot, but surely you need some sort of skill? She’s good when she’s speaking Spanish because then I can’t understand her. Good to see Geoffrey Rush again and the religious guy who falls in love with a mermaid was pretty.

On our way home, we stopped in at the bakery to buy our second baguette for the day to go with my sweet potato, carrot and chickpea soup. It was still warm, fresh from the oven and released delicious, enticing smells. This is where my official “Do something fun because it is fun” moment occurred. Normally I resist the temptation of breaking off the end of the baguette. Usually I wait until I sit down and eat my lunch and can devour the crusty tip with a dollop of nutella. But not today. I turned to Tom and said “This is my moment of fun for the day” and I ripped off the rounded baguette end with my bare hands and tore into it with my teeth. Worlds collided. Taste buds danced and I’m certain Bambi pranced down the street. The simple things in life can bring the greatest joys and a fresh baguette end eaten on a street corner outside a pharmacy is one of those simple things. Wonderful. I love France.

P.S. Not so dream like news is that I didn’t get that job. Luckily I didn’t reallllyyy want it anyway because who wants to work full time?

P.P.S. Tomorrow is Fête de la Musique in Paris where apparently the streets will be filled with free music performances. The sister of a friend (who I will immediately adopt as a friend) is visiting for the day so she timed it well. Lots to see, I suspect. A guy I went to primary and high school with is in town too so I may actually be able to show him something exciting in Paris.

Here’s the News

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Three weeks of holiday eating = 1.5 kilogram weight gain. Not as bad as I thought but I think a lot of my muscle is turning into floppy flab so numbers are deceiving. Hopefully my 7km run this morning will get things back in shape soon.

Hint of the day = job interviews in French aren’t fun if you can’t speak French. Let’s just say my nerves got to me and my French speaking ability is no where near as good as I hoped it was. I haven’t received an official “You failed” but I’m prepared for it. Shame really… the office looked really cool with dark wood panelled floors and open work spaces. Noisy though. I couldn’t concentrate and write under such conditions.

Weather in Paris = rainy, humid, cloudy and warm.

Tomorrow = Mum and Dad arrive back in Paris for the final leg of their holiday before heading back to Perth on Friday. Will be hard to say goodbye, me thinks.

Maybe Not

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

I am going to downsize my previous post to say that I think I have been offered a second job interview. Further consideration and translation of French emails has made me realise that I may not be the ultimate winner just yet. But who wouldn’t want to give me a job when I have these fashion styles?

mud walking fashion

Lookin' good!