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Good Eatin’

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Last week Tom and I ate some awesome food. Last Friday lunch time we went to one of our favourite local restaurants, Les Enfants Perdus – an amazing place with friendly staff and simply delicious food. It is a bit fancier than other places we eat at but we like to go there to treat ourselves every now and then.

During the week, they have a set lunch menu – 16 Euros for two courses (entrée + main + coffee OR main + dessert + coffee) or 19 Euros for all three courses.You have two options for each courses to choose from and they change daily depending on what produce was available and what the chef feels like cooking.


The first hurdle is being able to read the French handwriting

Tom went the full three courses and started with a parmesan ravioli dish that was oozing cream and cheese. It was death by dairy.

Mmm… cream and cheese…

Then it was time for our main dishes. Tom had duck in a pepper sauce with mashed potato. Very tasty. I chose the red mullet that was served on deliciously crunchy vegetables and coated in this amazing olive tapenade sauce. I have no idea what they put in that sauce but it may as well have been drugs but I am still craving it now. It was so, so good. This is the second fish dish that I have eaten at Les Enfants Perdus that I still dream about.


Tom’s delicious duck
My fabulous fish

The greatest thing about having menu meals is that you don’t have the “Should I or shouldn’t I?” conundrum of whether or not you can eat dessert. You pay for it so you eat it! Brilliant. Tom had the cheesecake which was rich and sweet. I had an apricot tart that was very… tart. It could have done with a touch more sugar as it kind of burned on the way down. But it was still very yum.


Cheesy Cheesecake
Apricot tart
Tarty tart

So that was lunch. Saturday night we went out with Coup to celebrate (well, more commemorate with tears and general sadness) the fact that he is returning to Australia on Monday (today.) We had been meaning to go to an area near the Sorbonne university for some time and so we looked up a restaurant on our favourite website, La Fourchette, and booked a table.

We went to a place called Savannah Café that described itself as “Mediterranean” but had lots of curries, spices and hummos. We were greeted with the friendliest Parisian waiter that I have ever met who joked and laughed with us, asked us why we were in Paris and was generally happy for the entire time we were in the restaurant. A miracle.* We each ordered our food and it arrived with delicious smells and even greater tastes. It was superb – I had a lamb curry that was full of flavour and was actually spicy! I couldn’t believe I was eating something that made my lips tingle in France. They even had a vegetarian curry for Coup (another ‘never-seen’ in this country.)


Lamb curry

My lamb curry

As part of the La Fourchette deal, we had to have dessert (dang) so Tom and Coup had baklava and I had a brownie (how these fit with curries and hummos to create mediterranean cuisine, I’m not sure, but I like it.) Super tasty, super wonderful. It was a great night.



A simple and tasty brownie


At least it was easy to see why the place was called Savannah

Sadly now Tom and I have to eat on our own as our friends are quickly departing. Rom and Coup have now both left so the only other Australian is Pip (which is great but she’s a busy girl serving drinks in an Irish pub.) Looks like we might need to meet people. That sounds hard.

*Since writing this, I have learnt that the waiter was in fact Lebanese. That would explain a lot.

The Latest

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

So long, grey skies! Hello sunshine and blue! The last few days have brought glorious weather – although the wind is still biting and has a habit of getting through all layers of clothing. It’s bloody cold, really. I’m used to consecutive days of sunshine equalling warmer temperatures but so far this hasn’t happened. They forecast some higher numbers for the rest of the week which is a bit of a relief. Every time I try and put on a skirt the wind suggests otherwise.

But sunshine does bring general happiness – my mood seems to lift greatly when the sun is out. Paris looks so beautiful when it isn’t contending with grey clouds – the buildings shine, the trees seem to instantly fill with new buds, birds flutter and Parisians make out on park benches. The past weekend was particularly glorious. Saturday was Tom and my two-years-and-six-months-versary which we celebrate just for the excuse of going out to eat food. We had had a rather late one the night before (getting home at 3am is apparently early in Paris) so we didn’t get up until almost lunch time. We headed to Les Enfants Perdus – a cosy little restaurant in the next street. We treated ourselves to a fancy lunch – I had lamb, Tom had prawns, we both had chocolate cake. The restaurant was a delight – amazing food beautifully presented, lovely staff and a very cosy place to sit. Definitely one to go back to.

Lamb lunch

My lamb – so good.


Tom's prawns – apparently also so good

Chocolate pudding

Chocolate cake with delicious, gooey innards. So so so good - although the menu said it had chilli in it. I couldn't find it... Clearly French "chilli"

After lunch we walked in the sunshine along the canal to Parc de la Villette – a large space with parkland, museums, giant glass domes, kids’ play equipment, concert halls… Tom described a conference hall located in the park as “Like the Perth Convention Centre, but with style and it actually works.” It’s nice to discover new places and to find places we want to go back to. So much to see.

Parc de la Villette

Parc de la Villette

Sunday was the first Sunday of the month so all of the art galleries were open for free. We caught three trains on the metro to get to Musee Rodin and wandered through the gallery and gardens looking at Rodin’s work. I had seen many replicas of The Thinker so it was amazing to finally see the real thing. Sundays are always ‘days out with the family’ for Parisians and they were all out in full swing, enjoying the rays of sunlight. People had clearly come to the Musee Rodin to simply sit in the sun in the garden. Poor French people with their lack of sunshine. That said, France gets heaps of sun compared to England. Give me Paris over London any day.

The Thinker

He's a thinker.

We walked back home through Saint Germain which was completely closed and made me think about everyone complaining about Perth’s lack of Sunday trading. Paris is just as bad. Everything closes on Sundays. Bakeries close at lunch time, just when you want some bread. Tom and I walked for miles trying to find a baguette – we ended up having lebanese.

Today I went shopping with my friend Pip (a fellow Perthian who has moved to Paris at the same time as me) and bought a lot. I went shopping with a list of necessities and came home with some added bonuses. I bought:

  1. Moisturiser for my excessively dry skin due to France’s stupidly cold air (necessity)
  2. Jeans (necessity as I only have one pair and my other pair of pants are too big)
  3. A tshirt (You always need tshirts)
  4. A grey skirt that has cool angles and is just great (it was half price so it would have been wrong not to buy it)
  5. Books (Books are educational (and these are beautiful) which means they are a necessity)
  6. A statue of a pig (added bonus)

The pig needs a name and I am currently undecided. I will post a photo of him soon so that everyone can meet my new pet. Maurice is a possibility – all I know is that he is a French cochon.

Ok well it is my bed time and I am going to post this sans-photos. My internet can’t handle uploading photos at this time of the day so I will add them later. So you can read this post TWICE. Lucky you!