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Chupa Chups Live On

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Throughout high school, my best friend, Gill, and I would spend our weekends riding our bikes along the Swan River and through Kings Park. At some point, we would stop at a local deli and buy ice creams and lollies that we would consume while talking about boys we liked and who we thought we would marry. Turns out we can’t predict the future and we probably ate more calories than we burned on our leisurely rides, but I have particularly fond memories of these times. As part of our discussions about life and all its mysteries, Gill and I would also place bets on various topics, usually boy related. The item up for grabs was always a Chupa Chup. My flavour of choice was choc-banana while Gill (if my memory serves me correctly) was more a peaches and cream girl. Chupa Chups featured regularly in our lolly consumption and we had various sources where we knew we could get the best value lollipop. However, after a few years of bike riding and inflation, the cost of a Chupa Chup had risen to 50¢. Obscene.

Imagine my utter joy when this week I discovered that Price Savers, one of the many budget supermarkets in Manchester, is selling choc-vanilla Chupa Chups (almost as good as banana) for a measly 10 pence! I have just finished sucking on my second for the week and they have brought me much contentment. So much flavour and many fond memories for just 10p. Ultimate purchase.

If I were Barbie (or Sindy), I would look like this. Image belongs to

If I were Barbie (or Sindy), I would look like this. Image belongs to