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And the rain keeps tumbling down…

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015

I spent three months sitting in an office with a man called Sustainability Steve who would regularly tell me that the world was going to end in the next 30 years and I think he might have a point. The world has been experiencing some strange weather recently that has caused a few problems for us unprepared humans. Sadly, over Christmas many people lost their homes and businesses through fires, floods and tornados and are having to pull their lives back together.

In England, steady rain over the Christmas period has brought extensive floods to the north of the country, and streets, houses and shops have found themselves underwater. It is terrifying to watch and I can’t even start to imagine how it must feel to have your house submerged in rising water.

debris manchester


The impact of the floods was even visible in central Manchester as the Irwell river broke its banks quite close to my old apartment. What was a pleasant paved boardwalk became a beach with piles of debris that had floated down stream stuck to railings, benches and posts.


New Manchester beach

One of my favourite local pubs, the Mark Addy, was essentially washed away as it’s position down in the basin of the Irwell turned out not to be such a good idea. My brother and I had a pint at that pub two Christmases ago. It is so sad to see it destroyed.

The Mark Addy

The Mark Addy

Another storm (it’s name is Frank.) is currently hitting the north of the UK and I suspect there are a few anxious people hoping their homes don’t get flooded again. Not fun.

Keeping it Local at the Mark Addy

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

While volunteering at the Manchester International Festival, I was lucky enough to sample the brilliant food made by Robert Owen Brown, head chef of the Mark Addy. Since then I have been wanting to eat at this local pub and eat more of his delicious, delicious food. On Saturday night, my cousin, Sophie, and her boyfriend, Ed, were visiting for the weekend and we scored a table at the Mark Addy. I was excited.

The Mark Addy is located in Salford on the edge of the River Irwell. We had a table next to the window with a view out over the river. On a summer’s evening this would be fantastic – sadly the winter darkness made it difficult to see through the reflective glass. The pub is cozy with a bar area and a large dining space and all of the staff were very friendly and welcoming.

I continued my new found desire for eating small birds by choosing the pheasant stew. It was fantastic – a large serving of dark game meat with roasted potatoes and spinach. It was rich, tasty and I wished it would never finish.

Pheasant stew

Pheasant stew

Sadly it did but that just meant it was time for dessert. The three of us shared a Cambridge Cream and the Eccles cakes – the cream was similar to a crème brûlée but less sweet. It had a crunchy caramel top and was served with an espresso shot and ice cream. Very good. The eccles cakes were three (handy) rounds of pastry filled with sultanas and served with clotted cream. The pastry was flaky and warm and the sultanas buttery and sweet. Enough for a perfect sweet finish to our dinner.

Cambridge Cream

Cambridge Cream

Eccles cakes

Eccles cakes

I am very excited to have found another food delight in Manchester and will be bringing everyone I know to eat here. Rob Brown has recently released a cook book and supports local producers. Got to love that.