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Doug is Depressed.

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Everyone meet Doug.

Doug the sock creature

Meet Doug

Doug is the Senior Complaints Manager at Bargains R Us and he hates his job. Who wouldn’t? All day he deals with the hundreds of disgruntled customers who discover that sometimes it is best to pay a little bit more to get a better quality product. Not only this, but Doug is in charge of the incompetent teenage staff that the shop employs to answer phone calls and handle returned goods. From 8 ’til 5 everyday, Doug waits for the next attack from a bitter old lady or an unimpressed business man who aren’t happy with Bargains R Us. Meanwhile, Doug’s managers sit in the office at the top of the store, hidden away from grumpy customers, enjoying life and watching the big bucks roll in.

Doug the sock creature

Doug isn't a happy man

Doug never wanted to work in retail – from a young age Doug dreamed of being an artist, travelling the world painting scenes in Paris, Venice, New York… Unfortunately Doug never really had any artistic skill and everyone laughed at his artwork. This made Doug feel very insecure and he never went to art school and chose to study a Bachelor in Business instead.

When it came to finding a job, Doug had difficulties. Despite being a genuinely nice guy when you get to know him, everyone assumed his wild hair and less-than-impressive university scores meant he was lazy and a risky person to employ. Only Bargains R Us paid any interest in him because they don’t care who they employ and barely even looked at him in the interview. Doug is a hard worker and despite hating his job he tries his best to deliver the best possible customer service, but he still dreams of a different life.

Doug the sock creature

Nice tie.

Doug’s brother, Jeff, is a much cooler and more relaxed guy, although no one can take him seriously either. The two of them get together sometimes for a beer but don’t say much to each other. There’s not much to say, really. Doug and Jeff’s parents are tough characters and don’t think their two sons have made enough of their lives and one day Doug would like to do something that really impresses them. Until he works out what that would be, he will keep resolving complaints at Bargains R Us.

Doug is the latest edition of the Zaum sock menagerie and is on sale at my Etsy Store.

La Zoo

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

La Zoo – it’s French for “The Zoo”. We went there. It was great. It isn’t really a zoo as such – they called it a Menagerie and it is relatively small and located within the Jardin des Plantes.


Jardin des Plantes

Jardin des Plantes on a lovely sunny day


We went there.

Considering its small size, it was full of foreign and weird-looking animals and we managed to wander around staring into their cages for over two hours. There were animals that I never knew existed! Sure, the names were in French so that made it even harder to know what they were, but normally you can at least hazard a guess. Not this time. There were a large number animals that I presume are ‘cousins of deer’ including: les anoas, les gorals, les vigognes, les dik-diks de Kirk (we spent a lot of time giggling about their name, especially when we discovered they were very very small), and les markhors.

One of my favourite animals was the cabiai, or capybara, which, according to Wikipedia, is the largest living rodent in the world. It looked like a giant guinea pig with manners; a group of them were sitting on the ground with their front paws/hooves crossed or placed elegantly in front of them, looking very regal. I wanted to take one home as a pet. I think he would fit nicely in my apartment.


Look at him! So fat.

There were also plenty of Australian animals, although the signage was a little bit wrong at times, describing exactly where you would find them. Apparently you can find giant camels across most of Australia, black swans in the desert and cassowaries absolutely everywhere in Australia. If you look now, you might see one in your backyard.

There was a lone emu who looked quite sad and generally annoyed about being stuck in a small cage in Paris. I am currently concocting a picture book in my head about the Emu in Paris – he wears a beret, smokes too much and can’t be bothered running.


Emu smoking
He’ll be famous soon.

A few other highlights – the orang-utans are always entertaining and there were giant turtles which made me very happy. And a flock of pink flamingoes. They were more orange than pink really… They looked magnificent. For more animals snaps, head to my Flickr site.