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Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Last night I decided that I need to go out for dinner with my friend Simone more frequently. The reason? Not for our intellectual conversation. Not for Simone’s charm and wit. Simply because every time we go somewhere we eat AMAZING desserts. Previously we went to Meeka in Subiaco and I ate the greatest chocolate fondant ever. Last night we tried Cantina 663 in Mt Lawley and WOW. Allow me to go into great detail…

Cantina 663 is hidden away on Beaufort Street up past the Astor theatre. I had been meaning to try it but it isn’t the cheapest, more accessible restaurant in Perth so it’s a bit of a ‘special occasion’ type place. The food is made from organic produce and the restaurant oozes sophistication and warmth – lots of wood, blackboards with descriptions of wines chalked on them. I arrived early and read the wine descriptions (and prices) and their wine list features bottles from Spain, France, Italy and a few Australian names get a go as well. Listening to conversations of people who seemed to actually know about wine (I’m an eavesdropper) they were clearly impressed by the selection. I just thought it was amazing due to the price factor and where the wines were coming from. Plus they all sounded delicious.

The food menu was short but delicious – a few dishes to share or have as entrees plus about six mains. Simone and I decided to share a few dishes and as she is vegetarian we picked out the very few vego options available. It was a very meaty-menu but the Spanish influence explains that. Despite the lack of choice the food was brilliant. We had a snow pea, fennel and broad bean salad which was full of flavour thanks to the finely sliced fennel. Then some grilled asparagus with parmesan and orange and some crunchy, toasted bread with a very yummy olive oil. We choose the only vegetarian main dish to share as well and MY GOSH IT WAS AMAZING. Gnocchi with aparagus and blue mauri cheese, with a capsicum sauce. Sosososoosososososososososoooooooooooo good. We both bit into it, looked at each other with wide eyes and nodded. In life there’s food you eat in order to not be hungry, and then there’s FOOD. Pure brilliance.

Of course, then it was time for dessert. Simone chose the selection of homemade ice cream and sorbets – chocolate, mango and lime. I tried them all with the lime sorbet being an absolute hit. Flavoursome and powerful. I went all out and ordered the chocolate parfait with caramel walnuts and pear. Not sure what happened to the pear… it seemed to turn into grapefruit somehow. That was disappointing because if there’s one combination I don’t like it is chocolate and citrus. It should be outlawed. But the caramels were awesomely gooey and more-ish. And the parfait… wow. Really there are no words other than – rich, thick, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth, sticks to your lips, made-me-feel-sick-it-was-so-good. Absolutely to die for. In fact, if I had had a heart attack due to the excess cream in the parfait I wouldn’t have mind and I’d be quite content.

Service was efficient, friendly and easy. Not excessively friendly but if you needed something they were there. I like that. Very noisy though. But most restaurants are.

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