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Apartment Living

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

The freakish time-warp that appears to have descended over Manchester and that has made time zoom past at never-before-seen speeds has caused it to already be almost the end of August. WHERE DID AUGUST GO? Where did July and the entire first half of this year go for that matter? In six days, I will be celebrating six months in Manchester and then four days after that it’s my birthday. See? Time has gone so fast that I didn’t even notice the approach of my birthday, the most important date in my year. I haven’t been counting down to it and that is just WRONG.

As my six months in Manchester rolls in, this means my apartment lease is coming up for renewal and I have been in negotiations with my landlord as well as looking for new places to live for the past few weeks. The idea of moving isn’t high on my “I Really Want to do This” list as who actually enjoys packing all of their belongings in boxes, carting them to a new location and then unpacking it all again? No one. Plus I really like my apartment – it is significantly larger than my Parisian abode, it has multiple doors (for someone who lived without doors for two years, this is exciting) and amazing views into the lives of my neighbours across the road. I thought I should introduce you to some of the characters I have been spying on for the past six months and the extreme conclusions that I have jumped to about their lives, who they are and what they do.

The Goodlooking Couple

When I first moved in and saw the blonde female and her athletic male companion, I thought they were about my age. It wasn’t until I was  eating breakfast one morning and they were out on their balcony that I realised they are about 10 years older than I had first thought. These two are FIT and are one of those couples that look like they should be together. She plays the violin and he smokes. Occasionally he will wave to me through his window and I will wave back through mine.

Underwear Girl

The ownership of the apartment below the goodlooking couple confuses me. At first I thought it was a single male, then he seemed to get a girlfriend and now she has either kicked him out or he’s on holiday because she is ruling the roost. He did come back for a few days but then he went away again. Anyway, for the past two weeks, I have had the daily pleasure (or not so much) of seeing the girl walking around the apartment in her underwear. Morning and night, she pads around her apartment in just her knickers and a tshirt. Once she went and stood by her front window in a black and white lacy bra. I am a believer that one can wear whatever one wishes when in one’s apartment, however I do wonder if she realises that if she can see into our apartments, we can see into hers.

Lonely TV Man

Every night he sits on his couch watching television. Sometimes he has the lights on, sometimes the blue glow of the screen is the only light in the room. Occasionally he mixes some tunes on his DJ mixing desk, pumping dance beats out into the street. One day he covered his apartment with decorations including a “Happy Birthday!” sign and I was excited that he was finally going to have some friends over. But at 10.30pm no one had come to the party. However, in the last few evenings he has been busy entertaining people, including a slightly drunk lady who danced with great passion next to the window. On Tuesday night as I returned home from waitressing, I saw that he had two friends over. That’s when it dawned on me that I had served him a few weeks ago at the restaurant and hadn’t been able to work out why I recognised him. He and his friends had been eating there again on that Tuesday evening. Manchester is a small world.


The window cleaners came to visit one day.

One Canadian After Another

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

In the eight months that we have lived here, I have only met two of my next door neighbours, despite them changing on a fairly regular basis. For the last three months, Josh Schwebel, a conceptual artist from Montreal, was living next door and formed the best lunch club in the world with me. But then he left me.

Now there is a new Montrealian living next door – Julie Favreau, another artist who has come to Paris to work for three months. Julie managed to get free beer on her first visit to Café A (the café at Les Récollets) so I think she is a good person to hang out with. I like neighbours – particularly when they invite me into their significantly larger apartment.

The point of this entry is for you to go and check out their work because I think they are both cool people who have far more talent than me.